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Jan 30, 2018
I was recently joining Air National Guard and end up getting a new recruiter who just graduated from school and he end up telling me to confess to marijuana use (one time three years ago) and also my heart condition. I haven't had an episode since 2015 and I did testing for any sort of condition and came out perfectly fine. When I went to meps they sent me downtown to a heart specialist to get an EKG which I've had before and it came back negative but they wanted me to request a waiver so I did. My waiver was denied but I before I was denied I switched branch to Army National Guard and I don't understand why when everything is coming back negative and it doesn't effect me anymore and the only thing that happened back then was chest pain but I was able to work still it did not slow me down or anything. I haven't had an episode since. I was permanently disqualified and I was wondering if this will be on my record and if there is any ways around it? Can I possibly join Coast Guard still? This was my original plan was to join USCG for years but I end up getting accepted to college in my state an Coast Guard isn't around here so I was joining a different branch for college.