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    Stigma of USAFA grads?

    USAFA grads are universally the worst. 0/10. Would not recommend. /s
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    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I assume you have a deutan deficiency when you saw red/green...

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I assume you have a deutan deficiency when you saw red/green colorblind. You need to know the extent of the deficiency on the primary and any other diagnostic tests to be able to apply or see if a waiver is feasible. I don't know specifically about ANG standards...
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    R/G Colorblind ARNG member inelgible for ANG truck driver job?

    Meh, color vision issues and safety are quite overhyped. There’s a reason even the FAA makes it reasonable for all but true color blind people to get waivers. One day it will finally be an archaic standard.
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    Because why would it be important for a foreign area officer to know a foreign language?

    Did a quick google search cause that was interesting: "The former Georgia secretary of state who’s now a U.S. Senate candidate said that the federal government spent $27 million...
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    First Female Fighter Solo Demo Pilot

    Well done, Zoe! She was one of my 4 digs when I was an upperclassman. She was a beast during training sessions. :)
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    Vegan at West Point

    Ain't that the truth! Many a cold day at USAFA with a clothes iron grill cheese! :) (don't forget to put foil on the iron first, for the n00bs)
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    Vegan at West Point

    Lots of judgement for the OP who simply asked if vegan options were available. Not every dietary or mundane question needs to have their choices judged. Those in or were in tend to recognize these questions are easy to answer and the military makes quite a few accommodations for dietary...
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    Army Recruitment

    I agree and I think there's in issue in both directions. A lot of young adults who grew up very isolated in traditional military recruiting country (mostly conservative areas) also benefit from living and training next to people with thoughts and ideas they would likely never meet either. Makes...
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    Your son/daughter goes where???

    Sitting almost 12 years out from my initial appointment, I still haven't had a strange response to saying I was in the AF or military. Bummer. lol. I've been getting used to people saying I was in the 'army' since most non-US people refer to the military as the army in a generic term. Took a few...
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    The USAFA Question

    I quote the UN general assembly: BAHAHAHAHA.
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    Color Blind DoDMERB?

    I'm not sure on DoDMERB standards but as a mild deutan, you may be more qualified than you think from the service perspective. The requirements for Naval aviation these days are 55/100 on each color using the cone contrast test (CCT) and 65/100 for USAF aviation. I am a mild deutan and...
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    What are you going to miss?

    Well hello strange 18-year old version of myself. Those posts don’t age well. :biglaugh: Lol Three years out of the Air Force, now. o_O
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    Fraternization Policy?

    It's inflammatory and ridiculous. And it's neither fair nor appropriate.
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    I Need Some Help DS just got his orders to Japan

    My USAFA best friend and room mate has been flying C-130s at Yokota since 2015. He loves it there and loves the flying they do (along with the sweet TDYs). I have also spent a month or so at Yokota (and I lived in Tokyo as a kid). It's a great base in a great location. He lucked out on his dream...
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    Question on leasing a car at USAFA

    For reference, be careful as SCRA does not legally require for car leases to be broken penalty-free under SCRA for PCS orders if the PCS is CONUS to CONUS. You can also break lease for a deployment >180 days. Have had a few acquaintances not do their research and end up burned by this one.