1. D

    Pilonidal Cyst Timeline - DoDMERB and Academy Process Question

    I am writing as I have a DS which we found out had a Pilonidal Cyst over the summer. At the time, he had it drained, and when we talked to the doctor, they said if it did not have an issue, then to not worry about it and no procedure to remove the effected area; we had another episode where it...
  2. F

    ROTC Scholarship to Academy?

    If I do accept an ROTC scholarship will I be locked in? Is it binding? Could I still go to an Academy if I get accepted to one?
  3. M

    Age requirements

    Hello, so I just found out about the Academy and was wondering how the age requirements worked. I am twenty two with one semester of community college, can you seriously not get in if your not already a freshman by your 22nd birthday? I could totally understand the 26 yr old scenario and being...
  4. D

    USMC Option?

    Just curious, does anyone know how the option to commission in the Marines works at KP? Do they go through OCS after graduation? PLC due to the crazy Kings Point schedule? Or Leatherneck? I thought Leatherneck was for USNA. Do MIDN join USNA for Leatherneck? Also how is it determined which...
  5. D

    Eagle Port Visits?

    For those who have been on Eagle, what is it like visiting ports? What are common places to go and see/do? How does it compare in Swab summer vs. the longer trips abroad? Just curious, want to develop some mini-goals to look forward to during the hardships in the years to come.
  6. G

    Academies and DoDMERB

    I have a question, and am looking for some insight. Today I saw that on DoDMETS, my status is "Closed." This is great news, as it seems that my info is moving forward. So I logged into to the website of DoDMERB, and saw that for each academy that I have applied to, there is a status of "Under...
  7. B

    Academy to ROTC help

    Hello all, My daughter is currently getting ready to disenroll from USAFA. She could not pass the platform jump in the water survival class. She will be getting a favorable to apply ROTC and do that route. She never had any demerits, had high GPA, group leader etc, just couldn’t jump off that...
  8. CrossMT 07

    Air Force Application Review

    Good Afternoon (To all you all in the mountain time zone), I just want to know what kind of things the Academy puts a lot of bulk in when applying. I know they like people who are involved in the community, diverse applicants, and academics but is there any specific examples they look for? Do...
  9. R

    AROTC (3-year) or service academy

    Hey everyone! I will try to keep it as short as possible, but I need some advice on some options I am looking into. So I waited all of high school to apply to all the service academies ('21), but didn't get accepted into any. I wanted to try again, so I decided to attend a jr. college and...
  10. O

    NE Ohio - Service Academy Informational Night - March 27, 2018

    The academy coordinators for Senator Sherrod Brown and Senator Rob Portman will be hosting their first seminar of the season in Elyria on Tuesday!! Interested students who would like to learn more about the congressional nomination process can RSVP to the senator's academy coordinators...
  11. BonoDex

    Applying to Academy after missing deadline...

    Hello everyone, I am in an interesting situation in which I am unsure of the results of the decisions that need to be made. Let me start by explaining the situation in a simple manner: In my 10th grade HS year, I decided I wanted to apply for the Naval Academy. I was perfectly eligible, and I...
  12. W


    From what I understand, after service academy graduates hit 20 years, they add the 4 years to their years of quality service. Under the new retirement system, is there any compensation for this, or do cadets not receive anything?
  13. C

    How heavily weighted is the college transcript in the Air Force Academy Process?

    I graduated second in my high school with a 3.96 GPA. I am now studying aerospace engineering with a total of 19 credits at Iowa State University. I am struggling to keep my grades up in Calculus I and Chemistry for Engineering Students. I am currently at a low B in both the classes with A's in...
  14. J


    Hello, Everyone, I was speaking with a Naval Academy admissions officer, and I think he said that the Naval Academy only looks at the English, Critical Reading, and Math sections of the ACT. He also stated that the Naval Academy Superscores the three parts. So, my question is: Does...
  15. Maplerock

    Was an academy your first choice?

    If you have a DD or DS in an academy or A ROTC program... (Or if you are enrolled in either)
  16. A

    Can I make it into West Point?

    I am a Junior in high school this year and I am wondering if it is possible for me to go to West Point. My GPA is 3.74. I'm a female. I am an Officer in the Future Business Leaders of America. A member of the Athletic Council. A member of the Activities Cabinet. I am the Class of 2019...
  17. P

    Chances/advice to increase them

    What are my chances of acceptance into a military academy? Here is a basic run down of me up until my current junior year. 3 time varsity football player - Defensive Player of the year Award, District Player of the year award, many all star selections, will be team captain my senior year, hold...
  18. U

    How to improve chances and chances now?

    Im a Junior this year and was wondering how Id be able to improve my chances of getting into USMMA? Gpa- 3.15 career(last to trimesters 3.5 and 3.6 slacked off sophomore year) ACT-25 first time going for for 27-29 in February Varsity hockey for 3 years(talking to the coach at USMMA to for...
  19. Potential Pilot

    ROTC/SMP or Usmma for AD

    Hello. I am a sponsored prep at Nmmi for the Merchant Marine Academy but I am debating switching to Rotc at a college near my home. More than anything I want active duty and doing more research I am finding that I might have a better chance through rotc than the academy because I know for sure...
  20. navygal1776

    Life at USNA?

    I was wondering what daily life at USNA is like and how midshipmen manage their time. What is a typical daily schedule and how much homework do they usually get? How much sleep do they typically get each night and how often do they have sports practice/time to be involved in extracurricular...