1. M

    Army ROTC CIET

    I am an uncontracted MSI Cadet and my battalion is sending me, one contracted MSII, and one uncontracted MSII to CIET this summer. I have been told that I am going to be contracted or will receive a three year scholarship next year, but "on record" I have only been told that I am being...
  2. S

    ARTOC (Army ROTC) Winners

    Congrats to everyone who received an Army ROTC scholarship. I received a 3-year scholarship and I'll be going to University of Colorado Boulder. I'd like to start a list of winners from the 3rd board!
  3. A

    Assortment of Questions Relating to Branching, Scholarships, etc.

    Hello everyone, to start off, I'll say a little about myself. I'm a junior in high school. Currently trying to enlist into the VA Army National Guard as Infantry. Assuming I get in, I'm having a few problems but everything should clear up, I will do split training. So I will go to Amy BCT...
  4. Z

    CLC 2016?

    Hello, Has anyone heard anything about CLC this summer for AROTC? Dates? Regiments? My cadre have not heard anything about it for anyone not completing other supplementary training (CULP, Airborne, Air Assault).
  5. L

    Accepting VT admission offer

    Hello, I have been awarded a 3 year AD scholarship to Virginia Tech. I have already accepted the ROTC scholarship and taken the DoDMERB exams. My status on DoDmets is currently complete-hold. I have also been accepted to Virginia Tech. When should I accept VT's offer of admission? Should I...
  6. K

    Project Go and ciet

    Hey I'm an ms2 cadet and I got accepted to an all summer long project go program, but my cadre keeps telling me I might not be able to go because of ciet, and I have to get excused by brigade to do it. What are the chances of me getting excused from ciet?
  7. T

    AROTC Chances/Statistics

    Hey my dream is to be an Army Officer and I am applying for the AROTC scholarship along with West Point. I am in March of my Junior year so I have not applied yet. I have a 3.49 weighted gpa, aiming for 28-31 ACT score. Have two JV letters for Basketball along with 2 Varsity Letters. I was team...
  8. R

    Should I request a change in medical exam location?

    I'm active duty and my DS received an AFROTC and AROTC scholarship. DODMERB medical exam was scheduled by Concorde at a bizarre urgent care facility. Anyone recommend that I request his medical exam location be changed to his assigned PCM on base with the doctor that knows him already versus...
  9. R

    Academic Information Pending Approval

    Hi everyone! I have had my entire application as well as my PMS Interview complete since last Friday. But for some reason on the scholarship website, my academic information is still saying, "Pending Approval". Both my Guidance Counselor Feedback and my Physical Fitness Assessment have been...
  10. beck8

    Major Selection on AROTC Application

    I am looking at changing my major on my application portal for AROTC to a different major than I previously listed. However, I was wondering if this would make me appear "uncertain" or "wishy washy," since I have already changed it once before. Can cadet command see how many times I've changed...
  11. M

    Chances at AROTC

    Hello I'm just wondering if I can get some honest feedback for my chances at a 4 year scholarship to these school (in order): University of Washington, Oregon State, University of Portland, University of Oregon, University of Minnesota, Arizona State. Credentials: 3.5 GPA UW AP European...
  12. G

    Asthma Regulation

    Can anyone shed some light on the DoD asthma regulation? On DoD Instruction 613003p it says: d. Airway hyper responsiveness including asthma (493.xx), reactive airway disease, exercise-induced bronchospasm (519.11) or asthmatic bronchitis (493.90), reliably diagnosed and symptomatic after...
  13. G

    DodMERB Timeline and Waiver

    Hello gentlemen, I'll keep this short and simple. Next year I'm going to college in Puerto Rico and I have my mind set on joining the army ROTC program. Being an officer in the armed forces has been my dream since I was a kid. I am a bit worried about DodMERB and the physical you have to pass...