Assortment of Questions Relating to Branching, Scholarships, etc.


Jan 4, 2015
Hello everyone, to start off, I'll say a little about myself. I'm a junior in high school. Currently trying to enlist into the VA Army National Guard as Infantry. Assuming I get in, I'm having a few problems but everything should clear up, I will do split training. So I will go to Amy BCT this summer and AIT next summer. My first question is eligibility. Will being in the Guard DQ me from ROTC scholarships from branches other than the Army, as well will it help out my application. Does anyone possibly know how much pull that'll have for a scholarship for any branch having gone through Army BCT in high school, if any? Another question is if I am fortunate enough to win a Scholarship from any of the branches of the armed services, will I be required to go to AIT the summer after I graduate high school right before I report to whatever Institution or University I am accepted into.
My plans for college are to go to VMI but I will also be applying to USMA, possibly USNA as well. My main intention is to go officer route primarily looking at the Army, however I will be applying for both NROTC Scholarships if time permits this fall. I do want to major in IS/PS, however I know that doesn't flow well with NROTC for Naval Option. So I was wondering if I'd be able to put on scholarship applications different intended majors. Clarifying, put a STEM major for NROTC application while IS/PS for the AROTC/NROTC-MO and simply choose to major in whichever branch selects me (if I am that fortunate). I don't know how this works with applying to colleges with saying two different majors for applications, so I would love some clarification and guidance.
Lastly I have questions about branching with different services. Infantry is the main branch I want to go into, yet I was wondering what the path is if any for EOD with officer route with Army and how competitive is Aviation coming out of a SMC. With Navy, I was wondering if anyone knew how hard it is to get an Aviation or EOD slot upon commissioning. And once again that'd most likely be through VMI. And my last question is with NROTC-MO, does anyone know by chance VMI's rate of passing with Marine OCS and/or how often VMI Marine grads get one of their top choices for MOS. Thank you very much for your time and patience. Sorry for the bombardment of questions. Have a nice day!


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Feb 10, 2010
First off, I would slow down a bit with your enlistment until you have sat down with Reps from Army, Navy, and possibly AF ROTC to get an understanding of each program. If you enlist first and ask questions later, you are going to be disappointed.

1. Why would you join the Army National Guard if you are considering the Navy.
2. Selecting your branch within the Army, it doesn't matter where you go to school, a SMC will give you no advantage in getting Aviation. You compete on a national level for branches.
3. The only Army scholarship you can receive if you are in the NG is the GRFD, which wold lock you to NG with no opportunity for Active Duty. Any other Army scholarship would require you to be released from the NG and that would have to be approved, not a guarantee.
4. Being in the NG and trying to apply for NROTC, not sure you can even do that.

If you are looking to apply to different SAs and ROTC programs, why complicate things by enlisting while in High School.


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Apr 3, 2016
You cannot apply to both Navy and Marine Option NROTC, you have to pick one or the other. As somebody who is looking at infantry or flying and not majoring in STEM, I would suggest Marine Option. They aren't as concerned with major selection as the Navy (in fact, they theoretically aren't concerned at all), and they have infantry and aviation. MOS for officers comes after The Basic School. In contrast to the reply above, you definitely can apply to any scholarship you want even if you are in the National Guard and they pretty much always release if you are going to an officer program. That said, they certainly won't release you if you don't get in so if you do go NG then make sure you're okay with doing your full contract.