1. A

    What is the general USNA attitude towards the medical corps?

    Hello all, what is the general USNA attitude towards those that choose to go to the Navy Medical Corp and enter medical school directly after USNA? ( I have heard, from those that are not midshipmen, the military tends to "disapprove"...
  2. A

    How long BGO interviews "typically" last?

    Hello all, I have a question about how long BGO interviews "typically" last. How long did your/your child/etc's BGO interview last? Mine lasted barely fifteen minutes. It was conducted virtually and I was only asked why I wanted to come to USNA. I am feeling a little apprehensive as I was not...
  3. S

    HELP, How do I contact my BGO?

    I am going into my senior year of high school and I have tried contacting my bgo but I don’t get a response. I also tried my area coordinator but not email or phone call after I emailed and left a voice mail? Are there certain things that puts my email in a place where they can’t see it? Thank...
  4. LoganWHS

    Need An Answer About An Odd Situation About My BGO And NAPS.

    About a few days ago, I got a call from my Blue and Gold officer from USNA about why I hadn't finished my application. I explained that I did not receive nominations to the Naval Academy and that I was just focusing on my West Point and King's Point applications. He said that I can still receive...
  5. S

    BGO Assignments

    Hey! Just out of curiosity, has anyone been assigned their BGO yet? If not, should we start contacting them soon to make contact with them? Or would it be better to wait it out and be patient?
  6. N

    Too early to contact BGO?

    Hello everyone, I recently started my Junior year in high school and was wondering if it would be too early to contact my local blue and gold officer. I understand that with the new academic year starting, they will have a lot on their plate because of all the seniors applying and I do not want...
  7. kevintanaka

    Essay Feedback

    Hey guys! I just finished my first draft of my USNA personal statement and just wanted ANY feedback: be it the content, syntax, diction, etc. Please just comment on any thoughts. Here it is: I moved from Colombia—a place where I had grown up, where I had my friends who were like brothers to...
  8. U

    Opinion needed from BGO or parent of midshipman please

    I have been contacted by a parent who has a daughter interested in the academies. This potential candidate is appears qualified on paper (great grades, volunteer, girls state, two sport athlete and letter-winner, etc). This potential candidate has said that she wishes to quit her spring sport as...
  9. G0navybeat@rmy

    BGO contact

    I am a current junior in high school, and I have already applied to NASS. I've been told that I need to email my BGO asap, but I was wondering what kind of information about myself I should include in that email. Thank you for the help, and Go Navy Beat Army!
  10. S

    BGO interview

    My application is complete-- besides awaiting medical qualification results. Am I supposed to contact my BGO to set up an interview? Or will the portal instruct me to do so? I previously emailed my BGO who is also my admissions counselor and got no response.
  11. P

    Do you send graduation announcements/party invitations to BGO that helped your son get into USNA?

    My husband and I don’t know what is appropriate etiquette. We are very appreciative of the guidance my son received from his Blue and Gold Officer to get nomination and finally admitted to USNA. We are not sure if it’s ok to send high school graduation announcement and/or invitation to the...
  12. amassusna

    USNA DODMERB - DQ for D155.8 Eye Astigmatism

    I have just received notification that my DODMERB Medical Status is: Remedial Requested due to a Code: R259.10 - It states: "Applicant pending Disqualification for D155.8 - Astigmatism in excess of 3.00 diopters, must complete AMI(s) before waiver processing may be considered" I am asking...
  13. J

    Where to Find my BGO

    Hello again, I was wondering if our BGO was chosen based on where you live, or where your school is. I go to school in MD, but I live in NOVA (Northern VA). I reached out to someone, and he did not specifically tell me, he just said: "I can help you even though you go to school in MD." This...
  14. THParent


    I just thought I would mention a few things about WAITING, based on what I have seen as a new user on the forum. This is a list of my opinions and observations, and I am trying my best to inject a little dry humor as I go. Unless you're an astronaut, you're not getting off this planet alive, so...
  15. J

    Blue and Gold Officer

    Hello Everyone, Many people have told me to establish good connections with my BGO, but I am having difficulty with some things. First, how do you know who your Blue and Gold Officer is? I checked on the USNA website (, and I saw three BGO (for VA). I was...
  16. H

    Field Force Representative Equivalent

    I am applying to USAFA, USNA, and USMA, and I am in contact with my ALO for the Air Force and BGO for Navy. I just want a quick answer: is the field force representative the equivalent to the other two officers? I know that FFRs are volunteers and the other two are reservists, but are their...
  17. N

    BGO Question! Difficult, who can answer??

    How many BGO's are there in total, and how many people does each BGO represent?
  18. U

    Where should I improve myself?

    I've written on here before, but I've recently started up some new extra curricular activities, and got some updated test scores, so I'm wondering what else I need to do or improve on. (Also I'm homeschooled and I'm a sophomore) EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: I'm a club officer in 4H, and have...
  19. S

    Parents Role in Blue and Gold Officer Interview

    Recently I was contacted by my Blue and Gold Officer for an interview and he mentioned that he wanted my parents there. I've been looking around at different forums and this doesn't seem like an unusual request but I was curious as to what exactly he may ask my parents or why he wants them...
  20. tommyboy44

    Question for BGO

    Sorry that this is kind of a random question, but would it be weird or impolite for me to ask my BGO how competitive my application is? I feel that my lower GPA puts me at a significant disadvantage and would like to have my BGO's opinion on it.