cfa scoring

  1. W

    Acceptable CFA Score?

    Hey everyone, I took my CFA recently and think I did well on everything but the pushups. My proctor said it was my call if I wanted to submit my score but he recommended not sending it. What do you all think? My scores (I am a male) were: Pushups: 31, Basketball throw: 74'2", Pull-ups: 8...
  2. VP.28

    Pull-ups for CFA

    Hello! I recently received acceptance to NASS and quickly realized this meant taking the CFA in about 3 months. I know I'm eligible to do a flexed arm hang, but understand that 1 pull up is better than the full 30-31 seconds. Any tips for what to do to prepare/routines that are useful? I have...
  3. V

    Is this a failing score for CFA? (male)

    52ft Basketball throw 8 pull ups 9.31s shuttle run 55 sit ups 43 push ups 7.08 min. mile run Should I retake this or is this ok to turn in? Thank you.
  4. R

    Bad CFA Mile Time

    I just took my CFA and the results came out as follows: - 88ft Basketball Throw - 18 Pull ups - 9.0 Shuttle run - 95 Sit-ups - 65 Push-ups - 8:03 Mile Does anyone know whether or not this is passing? I'm concerned about mainly the mile.
  5. J

    CFA Scores Pass or Fail?

    Hey guys, I just took the fitness test today, and these are my scores (I am a male) : 58ft basketball (I have no idea what happened, I never practiced it properly) 14 pullups 8.66 shuttle 64 situps 41 pushups 7:30 mile I compared these to the averages on the West Point website and the only...
  6. N

    Acceptable CFA Score?

    Hey y'all - I just took my CFA, and am very anxious about whether or not I passed (mostly my mile time). I am a male. I'll post my scores below, and if anyone has access to the score calculator or any personal experience with their scores I would greatly appreciate it: 62.3 foot basketball...
  7. N

    Acceptable CFA Score

    Hey all - I have been training for the CFA for a few months now, and just took my final practice test before the actual administration next week. These are my scores, and I was wondering if you guys think they would be accepted or not (I am a male): Pullups: 9 Basketball Throw: 68 Shuttle run...
  8. G

    CFA scores- Pass/Fail?

    Hello, I Just did my CFA for USAFA and I’m wondering if I might have to retake it. I am a male. Scores: BB throw: 62 ft Pull ups 12 Shuttle Run: 8.61s Modified Sit ups: 75 Push ups: 52 Mile: 7:10 I know nothing is above average but I’m hoping that each section is at least above the “minimum.”
  9. A

    Failed First CFA- Offered Retake, Now What?

    Hello. The title says it all. I took the CFA today and failed it, I assume, because they sent me an email saying they want me to retake it in 30 days. I’m not sure what to do, because they don’t give minimums. My run was bad, but all my other scores were decent, or so I thought. Do they offer...
  10. Z


    QUESTIONS: 1. Do I qualify given that my push-ups and mile time are sub-par? 2. If I submit my results, can a resubmit improved results? I would like a definitive answer on the second question because I would like to keep submitting my improved results. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! SCORES: - BB...
  11. G

    CFA Scores

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I did a practice CFA, and I got the following scores: BB Throw: 70' Pull-ups: 15 Shuttle Run: 8.51 Sit-ups: 90 Push-Ups: 62 Mile: 6:47 I'm taking my real CFA tomorrow and I'm wondering, if I get those scores again, should I submit them? Does my performance on sit-ups...
  12. Y

    CFA Scores question

    Just a few questions I had regarding the CFA 1.) How quickly is the CFA usually graded upon submission? 2.) Am I allowed to have a CFA score on standby just in case my first one does not pass?
  13. Y

    CFA Passing Scores?

    Basketball Throw - 75 ft Pullups - 8 Shuttle Run - 9.5 Sit-ups - 87 Push-up - 58 Mile Run - 6:24 My shuttle run is the one that is concerning to me at the moment. I havent practiced it as much so any tips?
  14. SandBaby

    CFA Total Score???

    Hello! I've seen this question in a few other threads, but I can't find a direct answer. What does the "Total Score" CFA status refer to? (Naval Academy portal) My "Total Score" is 357.98. I have no idea what that means. How does this score affect my profile? Is my total score bad? While...
  15. G

    How can I improve for the CFA? Do you think I can make it?

    Hi guys, how can I improve for the CFA? Do you think I can make it? I Will do the CFA in 3/4 months and this are my current scores: Bball throw - 70 ft Pullups - 7 Shuttle - 9 Sit-ups - 45 Push-ups - 30 1 mile - 10:40 I know it's not great but I started 1 week ago and I'm working hard 5 days a...
  16. 2

    How much does athletics play a part in admission?

    I've been interested in applying at USAFA, but I don't play any sports other than my school's rifle team (I have lettered in rifle). I just don't have the time to join another sport. Being appointed would be absolutely amazing, and I'm wondering if I can make up for this with my CFA scores...
  17. R

    CFA-Basketball Throw

    I took my CFA and passed all events except for the basketball throw. I threw 49 ft. I was authorized a retake almost immediately after my first test. I have been practicing the basketball throw and have gotten up to 58 ft. I was wondering if this is passable?
  18. C

    usafa cfa scores

    I already submitted my CFA scores about a week ago to the Academy but upon closer examination I'm a little nervous that they aren't as good as I thought they were... Basketball throw 35', Pullups 1, Shuttle run 10s, Sit ups 79, Pushups 35, mile run 6:12. I feel like other peoples scores were...
  19. Bird35A

    Terrible CFA scores...

    Hello, I just did my CFA today and I think I did pretty terrible (female BTW)... Is there anyway I could still get in? BB Throw; 30 feet Flexed Arm Hang; 9 seconds (awful, I know) Shuttle Run; 10.5 seconds Sit Ups; 53 Push-Ups; 14 Mile Run; 8:44 I've only been training for like 10 days (I...
  20. John Welch

    CFA scoring points vs. the Whole Candidate Score

    Based on the RAND Corporation 2015 West Point Admissions Report, page 10, a candidate will earn the full 800 points in the Athletic Activity Level Score (which accounts for 10% of their overall Whole Candidate Score) if they have “a CFA score greater than 650”. This looks like double-credit...