1. K

    CPR in need of a Waiver still...

    So I am CPR for the time being and I am still in need of a waiver. What is typically the process for which I can still obtain an appointment? As in, would USNA send me an email stating a conditional offer of appt. dependent on what DoDMERB says (already cleared for other SA)? Or would they still...
  2. Y


    Is it common to be waiting a month for administrative remedials to get reviewed? I am CPR and am on my second batch of administrative remedials, with 3 weeks to go until the last admissions board I don't know if my remedials will be examined as I sent the new documents on March 7th and still...
  3. A

    LOA with nomination-- pending waiver

    Hello All, I am in need of some advice with my application process. I have had an LOA since early March and have been deemed medically disqualified since February 23rd. I am a recruited athlete and currently have an offer to another university with a big scholarship (that can be taken away any...
  4. Z

    Remedial Requested

    Today, my medical status in my DODMERB portal changed from "Under Review" to "Remedial Requested". It doesn't say what the remedial is for, or what I need to do to care of it. Does anybody know how this works?
  5. USNAismyplace

    HIPAA Laws

    How do the HIPAA medical privacy laws affect the SA DoDMERB? My mom is a nurse and she mentioned these, and I am just curious about it.
  6. P

    Medical Records

    I am a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship winner and now I have to go through the DODMERB process. My family keeps poor medical records, and so I do not know the specific dates that I saw my eye doctor and things of that nature. Is it ok to approximate these things?
  7. C

    Disqualified: Very mild asthma

    DS was just disqualified for asthma. Its very mild only during spring allergy season and the Dodmerb examining dr said she would note the mildness. After all his work going through this process, to be disqualified for something so minor. The portal says something like "stand by to see if...
  8. USMAapp25

    Waiver Time Issue

    I am applying to the USMA, and have completely finished my application over a month ago; however, I ran into problems with a DoDMERB disqualification for ADHD. I have been off of the medication for over a year and have improved my grades while off of medication, as well as scoring a 29 ACT (for...
  9. USMAapp25

    Dodmerb ADHD disqualification

    This morning I was medically disqualified from West Point for ADHD. I have been off of my medication for almost a year now, have never had any additional accommodations for ADHD, have taken my ACT off medication and scored a 30, improved my GPA by .5 points off of the medication first semester...
  10. N

    DoDmerb - Enuresis Confusion

    My son had occasional enuresis as an adolescent, but it stopped before he turned 13 . On the Dodmerb questionnaire (Report of Medical History) that is filled out prior to Dodmerb exam, it asks if "YOU HAVE EVER HAD BEDWETTING AFTER AGE 12". So, of course my son will check YES. When doing...
  11. Maverick19

    Updating Medical Info

    Hi everyone. So I have this callas on my foot that will need to be removed at some point (already tried the freezing/burning otc treatments). Now I am having to schedule my DoDMERB exams soon and will not be having any sort of procedure before that. If I do have the callas removed, would that...
  12. E

    Waiver Possibilities

    My DoDMERB status changed to Pending Waiver Submission/Review for code D211.50-History of head injury with associated post injury manifestations for both the USNA and the USAFA. I'm wondering if anyone has ever dealt with this particular issue and what the outcome was and how long it took to...
  13. W

    Waiver chances

    I am applying for USNA and my dodmerb status is Pending waiver from USNA. I was DQ for history or current opacities of the lens including cataract. Has anyone seen this before and seen a waiver denied or approved. My vision is fine and i have never had or needed glasses. I passed every eye test...
  14. B


    I'll try to make this short and sweet! I'm currently an AS200 enduring my FTP smester here at Embry Riddle. This is the semester where I compete for a rated enrollment allocation, to go to field training this summer. Currently I'm in the process of getting my DoDMERB sorted out and I found out...
  15. Z

    Appointment Scheduling

    I received my scholarship package in the mail today! I am very excited, and I know that my next steps are DODMERB clearance and passing the APFT. I like to get things done as fast as possible. I know that Cadet Command sends a DODMERB packet in the mail, however I have heard that the appointment...
  16. F


    Hi! I was awarded both NROTC zane AFROTC scholarships. I got my results from my DODMERB physical back, but I have remedials being requested about a past knee injury and orthodontic things. How do I go about completing the remedial? And do I just send it in? The website is very unclear, so any...
  17. U

    Date exam reviewed?

    I will give a short statement of my story and the order of events. September- West Point file complete and initial physical exam. November-remedial for history of shoulder instability/dislocation. December-disqualification. January 5th- nomination received. January 6th-waiver requested. THIS is...
  18. W

    Waiver Approved?

    Hello all, I've been working towards a waiver for a shoulder dislocation and surgery for a few months now. This morning, during my hourly check of the big three (USMA portal, DoDMERB website, and SAF), I saw that under "Official Correspondence" on the USMA candidate portal, there was a PDF...
  19. M

    Submitting the application w/o Med. Record?

    My application is completed. It's all done, except for my medical records. While I did turn everything in in a timely manner, due to delays on their part, forgetting my password on mine, everything has come down to the wire and they still said they wouldn't be able to submit my medical records...
  20. Gonavyusna

    Application "Complete Pending Review" but waiting on medical exam

    I am a current candidate for the class of 2021. I did my medical exams only earlier this month (I am fully qualified) and it does not time look like they will be processed by the Naval Academy by the deadline. However, since everything else in my application has been complete, on my application...