Can you keep an AROTC scholarship while injured?


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Apr 8, 2019
I have received an appointment to USMA and a full 4-year AROTC scholarship to a civilian college. Unfortunately, I tore my ACL recently and will need surgery on it which will disqualify me for 12 months. I know that at this point, USMA is out of the picture, but I still have hopes for AROTC after I can heal and rehabilitate in a half a year or so.

Luckily, my family can afford to pay one year’s worth of tuition in the hopes that I can regain my scholarship back the next year, given that I get a waiver.

If I become eligible sometime through my freshman year, is it possible for me to join them and still receive the scholarship money or have I lost the all the money if I don’t join them on during the beginning of the year?

Also, does anybody know if it is possible to get a waiver in less than a year for an ACL injury?
You'll need to be able to pass the APFT and receive your waiver (or DoDMERB qualification) before you can contract. You must contract in order to receive any scholarship monies. I can't speak to whether, or for how long, you would be able to retain the scholarship in these circumstances. What did the officers in your desired unit say when you spoke to them about it?
@kinnem I only found out about the MRI results this week. Is there a specific timeframe in which I have to pass the APFT before I am no longer able to use the scholarship? If I cannot use the 4-year scholarship, can I convert it to a three-year and contract the start of my sophomore year? Thanks.