letter of assurance

  1. B

    Qualified Letter/LOA

    In September, I was given a Letter of Assurance stating that once I completed a few final things in my file, received a nomination, and received medical qualification, I would get an appointment to the class of 2025. As of October 19th, I am medically and physically qualified, and my file is...
  2. B

    USNA Letters of Assurance: Are They Out Yet?

    Does anyone know of any candidates who have received an LOA this early in the process? I was fortunate enough to receive one for West Point and just had my interview tonight for USNA, and I know that myself and a few others who got LOAs to West Point got theirs immediately after their...
  3. Y

    Can LOA be revoked based on CFA?

    Hello, I have recently received an LOA for USMA not too long ago, but still, something troubles me. So for context, I only have my statements, nomination, medical qualification, and CFA scores left on my application for me to input. The only part that I am slightly worried about is the CFA. I...
  4. B

    Just received Letter of Assurance!

    I was working and saw the email when I checked my phone and instantly got goosebumps. I’ve got quite a bit of my application done but still have things to work on. My medical exams are next week so I’m hoping all goes well so I can continue the process. Thank you all for the help through this...
  5. R

    Any chance of acceptance?

    Hello all, I have sent my application in and if I am honest, it is completely nerve-racking to me. I'm not sure if I can be accepted or not, but here are my stats and if anyone can give me a good read, it would be extremely helpful. I go to a very competitive private school outside of Annapolis...
  6. B

    Is this a Letter of Encouragement?

    I filled out West Point's Candidate Questionnaire a while back. I didn't even log in to my portal since then, but today I got the following email: Greetings from West Point, Based on the information you have provided us in your Candidate Questionaire, you are a highly competitive candidate...
  7. USMA2026Cadet

    Seeking Connections

    I am currently a very dedicated Sophomore in High School with a dream to attend USMA, but overall I want to serve my country as an Officer in the Army while working in Intelligence and National Security. I was wondering what the best way would be to try and establish those strong connections I...
  8. G

    Application to USCGA

    Hi, I am currently going through the application process for USCGA. I have everything completed besides two of my teachers who have yet to submit my letter of recommendation. I am applying early decision and would like to submit my application as soon as possible especially since I got invited...
  9. M

    Conditional Appointment based on medical qualification

    I was given a LOA towards the beginning of February and I went on my USNA applicant portal and the only required action was medical qualification. I was medically disqualified in September (my astigmatism exceeded the limit by 0.5) and since then, the status on my DoDMERB site has been "pending...
  10. H

    Waiver with LOA

    Hey, I have a LOA to USMA, but I have to get a medical waiver. I know it's impossible to tell if a person is going to receive a waiver, but am I more likely to receive a waiver if I have a LOA? Or is it still possible that I'll be denied? Thanks.
  11. A

    Letter of Assurance (LOA)

    Hello, I'm currently applying to the USNA and I've been wondering what is required to receive a LOA. Are test scores and class rank the main factors? Do they take in EC's into consideration? All answers are appreciated!
  12. B

    First Admissions Meeting/LOA

    Hey all, Does anyone know when the admissions board meets for the first time? I thought it was around August 1 but wasn't sure. And when will they send the first LOAs out? I was pretty motivated after NASS and completed my online app and am now just waiting for a nomination. Thank you!
  13. M

    Letters of Assurance

    Hey guys, I was wondering how common LOAs are and to whom they are most often given to (I read someone recruited athletes are the ones who typically receives LOAs). Thanks a lot and have a great day!
  14. K

    Nomination but no LOA?

    Hello all, I received a nomination from the Senator about a month ago, and my application still says "Complete Pending Review." My application was in around mid November too. I do still have an interview with my congressman this weekend, so I' m wondering if that is why I haven't received a...