presidential nomination

  1. FØB Zero

    Presidential nom

    How is this different from a MOC nom from the admissions perspective? Is it less selective than MOC (bc MOC has limited number attending)?
  2. MrSTOCK

    Presidential Nomination Timeline/Chances

    I got my Presidential (service connected) Nomination roughly in August, and I have completed most of my packet, except for the candidate statements, the CFA, and my medical exam. I took my CFA yesterday and got scores as such: BB throw 76ft, pull ups 14, shuttle run 8.4 sec, sit ups 85, pushups...
  3. FlyFalcon

    Nominations (VP and President)

    Ok so I've looked all over the USAFA Website, and tried looking on this forum however, I would appreciate clearer information. Here's what I would appreciate knowing more about: VP 1) How many recommendation letters do I need to send for this application? On the website, it says to send...
  4. O

    Falcon Foundation Student but no nomination

    Hi guys, This is my first thread I ever made. I received my Falcon Foundation scholarship around May this year and went to Northwestern Prep School. I have applied for all nomination sources including VP and presidential. Last week, my congressman and one of my senators didn't give me a...
  5. M

    Presidential Nomination

    My late husband died in 2013, as a result of a service-related illness, he was also a Ret. Col from the Army after 29 years of service. The VA determined his illness was 100% service related. We were told that my son (my late husbands step-son) was eligible for the Presidential Nomination in the...
  6. G

    LOA w/ Presidential?

    In mid-July, I was awarded a presidential nomination. Everything besides my transcript, DoDMERB and CFA are in the system, and the transcript and DoDMERB are on the way to admissions as I am writing this. It is my understanding that once my transcript arrives, my package can go in front of the...
  7. Fighter Pilot Zeek

    Presidential Nomination

    Dear members of the forums, I'd like to know about the process of earning a "Presidential Nomination". I want to go to the United States Air Force Academy or Naval Academy. I do know that you must have a parent who has received retirement pay or is active duty. My father served just over 20...