Feb 7, 2023
Code Description
D231.90History of Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD)

Good afternoon,
As Dodmerb comes back up I was recently disqualified for a single reason. I was never diagnosed and the medication was taken for less than a month and never prescribed. (I grew up in Mexico and it is not a controlled substance, you just pick it up at a Farmacia Guadalajara)
I already spoke with the provider that did my Dodmets physical and they are writing a letter clarifying this. I mentioned it in the hopes of being fully honest and transparent and now I am waiting for a waiver since I already received my LOA from USMA. What can I do?
The majority of medical waivers are granted to applicants who no longer exhibit the symptoms of their prior medical conditions, who no longer take medication, and who have little to no danger of developing those conditions again.
What ended up happening with this?
Similar to the other post you followed up on, the original poster has been inactive since June of this year, and the thread went dead at 3 posts. No final resolution or forward movement. Of course, they may circle back at some point.

To save yourself frustration, check the thread’s currency and activity level, poster engagement, etc.