100s night is THIS WEEK!!


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Oct 10, 2007
Can hardly believe it's almost upon us! This mom is hoping that her sons get posted together - if for no other reason than I can save a boatload of money when I travel to visit them! Don't think the AF is really aware of my dreams here, and not sure an email would be of much use! haha

Anybody know the procedures/events surrounding 100s night this year, especially since it's not exactly 100s night?

I would love to know if webguy might have a video available of this event!
Why is it not "exactly 100 nights"? I haven't looked at a calendar and counted the days in case that is what you are referring to.
We (being the freshmen and the seniors) received the MFR for this week. Wednesday they will have their dinner where they dress up in their AFSC's attire, which will be flight suits for your sons. We are supposed to decorate the tables, but most of the seniors seemed a little surprised by that. They are released at LMD on Friday and don't have to be back until TAPS on Sunday. We are going to have fun with their rooms and I will leave it at that. That is the extent of the guidance we have received at this point.
the powers that be changed the date for some reason. I think it is closer to 106 night. Someone whose cadets actually remember to call home might be up on that actual date. haha
I sorta remember 100s night...I remember a certain 2degree taking my car keys BEFORE we got to the "ceremony" off base... :beer1:

The rest is sorta... :stretcher:

But the next morning...the condition of my "fabulously immaculate group staff room" was :scratch:

It HAD to be the swine of the class of 1986! :angel:

Skykittens, they're gonna be PILOTS!

(Provided the creeks don't rise and the stars all align in the heavens and I remember to walk the dog and... well, lots of variables there; but that's the plan.)
Congrats to your sons FM! :yay::yay: The sweet feeling of successfully getting those squalling little sausage rolls from infancy to contributing adulthood must be pretty good!

I've still got a little time left with mine ... (hope he makes it... :scratch::scratch:)

The main reason for the change of the normal 100's night, a.k.a. the fact that it is on a Wednesday and that this weekend is only two days long, is that the President made the class of 2012 graduate a week early to fit into his schedule. I do not mean that to be offensive, it is just how it turned out. Many firsties are a little sore about 100's weekend not being the usual three-day, President's Day, weekend.

The 4*s get to decorate the rooms as usual this weekend, and the only change (which NONE of us understand) is that they can decorate tables for the firsties on Wednesday which is when they will officially get their base assignments.
Well, we do tend to do things by the CINC's orders...so y'all will just have to graduate earlier (I can hear the firsties complaining already :wink::shake:).
Tables decorated Wednesday? Then rooms, say, Friday or Saturday? Lame.

Are there any almost 2nd Lts who can have their first posting overseas?
My C1C also told me that due to the change in graduation date, and the fact that the New Years' Holiday was a Monday, making Tuesday transition day for this semester, that the cadets have classes on the Monday of Presidents day weekend.... No no three day weekend in any case!
"Decorate" rooms. Nice choice of words. Last year, my son's roommate was a firstie. He and his roommate left like they are suppose to. I don't think some, especially them, would say their room was "decorated". LOL!!!
Mike, I remember you posting something about that. Well, I hope mine remember to take at least a phone picture to send to their mother!
Are there any almost 2nd Lts who can have their first posting overseas?

It depends. Most (if not all, I'm not completely sure) have to do some sort of initial training for their jobs. For pilots, there are 5 pilot training bases. For navigators, there is only one (Florida!) along with Air Battle Managers (Florida again!). Civil engineers go to another base for their initial training.

But after that initial training, you can be sent pretty much wherever there's a job open for you :) Some people will get oversees assignments tomorrow night; it all depends on vacancies and the job you have.
Well, if you happen to see a middle aged "lady" wearing a combo USAFA/Steelers bikini at Aviano... (never mind)
Fencer, by the time your DS's are done with UPT and FTU, they will be closer to 1st Lts, and that is if the stars and moons align for them to go straight into UPT and not casual status. Stealth's DS is just now starting UPT, so he will be pinning on O2 by the time he is ready to get an overseas assignment.

They won't find this out for yrs because as you know they 1st have to graduate UPT, get their airframe, and than at FTU they will have drop night there.

For now we just have to be happy knowing where they will be for at least 1 yr. Our DS is off to Hell Rio aka Laughlin. Must leave for TX no later than May 26th, because he must report NLT May 30th.

He already has his IFS date which is this fall, so he will be casual status for months...but hey a paycheck is a paycheck! We tease him that he needs to learn how to brew coffee since he doesn't drink it and most likely that will be his job! :shake: That and how to make combat corn, which he already knows how to do since that is the only way we eat popcorn in our house.
Pima, do tell on that combat corn!

One of my cadets is hoping for (long) casual status at AFA since his gf will be a firstie... next year. The other one didn't care as much.
The T-6 squads are very serious about jalapeno popcorn!
Tell him not to make Hate Corn...nobody likes feeling like they got gassed just walking down the hall.
If he goes casual it will most likely be at his UPT base and not the AFA!

Stealth's DS is at Laughlin and has been there for months, and months and more months on casual.

DS is going to Del Rio and not hanging out back at his college.

May be wrong, will accept it, but I would think this chance of staying at the AFA on casual with a UPT slot would equate to rare.

Combat Corn is old style popcorn.

To make it at home here you go.

Jalapeno peppers in a jar.
Season Salt
Crushed Red Pepper

Place oil in the bottom of the pot. Add jalapenos and juice too. Stir until they are lightly golden brown. Do not brown them too much because they will burn and add a nasty taste. Add popcorn to pop old fashion way. Move the pot often so jalapenos keep getting cooked.

When done. Pour it all out in a large bowl and toss with season salt and red pepper.

Understand with time it will get hotter to the taste. Tomorrow it will be spicier than 12 hrs earlier.

In our family I use 1/3 of a jar of jalapenos, plus 3 or 4 spoons of the juice. I also add red pepper flakes in the oil. In other words before the popcorn goes in everyone has clear sinuses. I don't use a lot of salt. My 75 yo mother loves it, as much as our kids friends. I make an 8 qt pot and come the next morning I have a small cereal bowl left. It is addictive.

It is a trial and error method.