CFA's weight in application


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Jan 12, 2017
Hello, is there any chance of being offered an appointment if every aspect of the application is extremely strong (4.0 gpa, 30 ACT, president of NHS, officer of SADD club, Officer of Peer Leaders, Yearbook editor, science team member, Cross country and Track all 4 years, good letters of rec, strong ALO interview, over 300 volunteer hours, several awards) but one CFA event was completely bombed? I know it is a pass/fail test, but could an appointment still be given if the arm hang was only 10 seconds but every other event was within the averages? Is that known to be a deal breaker for USAFA despite everything else being competitive? Thank you to everyone for all of your help so far!
Ah, ok sorry mixed you up with someone else. I'm going to be honest, that flexed arm hang is horrible. I don't know if you will have to retake the CFA again or not, but if you failed they will email you tell you to take it again. I would work really hard on getting that time up for the flexed arm hang, maybe try a pullup instead. I can only hold the flex for 20 ish seconds but can do 4 pullups. One pull up is better than any amount of time for the flexed arm hang anyway. Use a pullup assist and work on your back and arm strength. Best of luck
Yes it could be a deal breaker. Typically your ALO, out of courtesy, would strongly recommend that you retake the CFA if you failed. Contact your ALO and ask them.
If you meet the minimum requirement for the test it is not a deal breaker. If you do not meet the minimum, they will tell you that you have to retake the test. Lets look at it this way and for the sake of an argument assume that a perfect WCS is 1000 points. Your CFA is 10% of your WCS so it is worth a 100 points. There are five sections of the CFA so each one in theory would be worth 20 points. If you do the math, the difference between 1 or 2 points or 10 points in one event is a very small percentage of your overall score.

With that said, you should try to improve everything about your application as those small percents could add up. This is a competition and the person with the highest score usually wins.
Failing the flexed arm hang is typically a deal breaker. As discussed, you may be asked to retake the CFA. If you get that opportunity be ready.