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Jul 17, 2017
What's an ideal major at USAFA for someone trying to become a Crime Scene Investigator?
The best major is the one that will allow you to excel and engage amid the many other responsibilities of a cadet. Your major will have little bearing on what you do or don’t do post-active duty, because it will be at least five years after you receive your degree. At that point, your most important job qualification will be the leadership and management skills you developed as a commissioned officer.

Might be stating the obvious here, but remember that as a USAFA cadet, you’re not trying to be anything but a commissioned officer.
I’m not exactly sure on best Major but USAFA has a Forensics team that competes against other universities

I think you might be confusing forensics with forensic science. Forensics refers to public discussion or debate (often in the context of the judicial system). Forensic science is the application of the scientific method to solve crimes.

USAFA has a Forensics team. I don't think they have a Forensic Science team, but I may be mistaken!
What's an ideal major at USAFA for someone trying to become a Crime Scene Investigator?

Not sure there is " an ideal major" for what I think you are asking. If Forensic Science Major is available, that would be really good, but if not, it really isn't of instance if you are looking to be a civilian Law Enforcement CSI. If you have a science background, THEY will send you to school and then you will be certified to work in the municipal or state field. Even with an Academy's Degree you still have to attend THEIR school in some form.
If you are speaking to "Military CSI" then talk to someone in the field you want to end up and find out what is needed or required. THEN select a majo..:)
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If being a crime scene investigator is your goal, USAFA does not offer a great path. There are limited opportunities to become an OSI agent, but that is single-digits per year. Now, if you want to serve, get out, then pursue this, I suppose most science majors would work.
I would say chemistry is one of the better choices among the sciences for forensics, but like raimius said, USAFA is not really the path for that unless your plan is to do 5 years and get out. In that case I'd say do chemistry and try to become a 61C or do something in the bioenvironmental field in the Air Force (both a little challenging to get, but probably a little easier than OSI)