Does the nomination process change if you're looking at multiple SAs?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by WFGooser, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Aug 8, 2017
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    This may be a very simple question but if I am seeking a nomination from a MOC but I am applying for multiple academies, do I need multiple nominations for each academy? How does the process work if, for example, I'm applying to both USAFA and USNA and I'm seeking a nomination?
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    Sep 27, 2008
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    One of the first things for you to find out is how your MOC office does it, by reading everything on their website, attending SA info sessions, calling the staff who handles it, etc. Nominations are specific to the individual SA. You might earn a nom from Rep X for USNA but not USAFA. Or, Rep X may have a policy they won't provide noms for more than 1 SA to a candidate, so as to spread the wealth around. Research the primary sources for your MOC, the sooner the better, so as to plan your strategy.

    The general advice here on SAF is to apply for all noms for which eligible for each SA. USCGA does not require noms.
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    Nov 2, 2016
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    For my DD last year, the senators only allowed one SA interview each, however our rep conducted one interview for all the SA's. Senators typically have a much larger pool of candidates to select from than the representatives so they tend to spread them out as such.
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    Same here but our Rep. conducted separate interview boards for each SA. DS interviewed twice on same day for USMA and USAFA.
    Both Senators only allowed single interview for selected choice of one SA.

    BUT - every MOC is different and they have individual discretion. So check with your specific MOC offices [all 3] to see how they run things.

    Your representative will probably be more approachable and have more detailed info but you never know . . .
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    WF. for each SA you need a nomination to that SA. so, yes, you will need a nomination to usafa and then another one to usna. It is not the case where one nomination can be interchanged amongst the schools. Some MOC only give one nomination per applicant. some give multiples. Check out what your MOC does or has done in the past. That will help you strategize how you go about trying to get your nominations, especially if you are required to rank you SA's on the nomination form. Although you did not list these, uscga does not require a nomination, and usmma can accept a nomination from any MOC in your state, not just your district.
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    My son applied to USMA, USNA, and USAFA. Each of the three MOC's he applied with asked him to list his preference in order. On each he listed USMA first. Our Congressman ended up giving him a nomination for each academy, which took pressure off. The First senator gave him a nom for USMA only. Therefore, having two USMA noms in hand, at his interview with the second Senator, he asked the committee if he could change his preferences, and they allowed him to do so. To an extent you can game the system a bit.

    Some will suggest you shouldn't get greedy, and that you should allow others the chance to get their nomination once you have one. This is hogwash though. It is a very competitive process, and you should maximize your personal chance for an appointment. The more nominations you have the better your odds of appointment.