Jan 30, 2018

I know there are a lot of threads here on eczema, but I have a fairly specific question.

Applying for USNA this year. Have 2 nominations. DoDMERB qualified. Had eczema when I was younger, but gone by 11.

However, I have heard stories of people whose eczema comes back later on in life, especially in bad weather conditions (e.g. maybe during plebe summer at USNA).

If something like this happens, and my eczema flares up again right before plebe summer/during my time at USNA, what will happen? Will I automatically be dis-enrolled? Will I be able to get a waiver/some sort of leniency?

I am asking because I have worked so hard on this, and would hate to see it go if something (fingers crossed) flared up during my time at USNA.

Thanks to all in advance.