Help! Got fined $74 for forgetting fishing license! (ROTC)


Would a $74 fine for forgetting my fishing license affect my chances of getting an ROTC scholarship or going to a military school? I need to know fast! Would it be on some record or would it count as a lot?

I'm currently 17 years old and a Junior in High School with the intention of applying to Service Academies and ROTC


I don't recall any of the application forms ever asking about this type of offense but, if one does, don't lie about it - just state the facts of the offense and move on. Please don't lose any sleep about this.

Thank you for your interest in service. Good luck.


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Just be transparent and stay out of further trouble.

If this is all you have done, you should be fine.
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Agree with the others. This will not be an issue. No one expects you to be perfect. This would be similar to an applicant who had one speeding ticket. Not a big deal; but if you had three speeding tickets, it would raise some concerns.


This would be similar to an applicant who had one speeding ticket.
My son in AROTC went to report speeding tickets (2 on the SAME trip back to school) and was told he did not have to report if the fines were under $300.
This was just an analogy. OP was asking if getting one ticket for not having his fishing license would affect his chances of receiving a scholarship or getting into a military school. Point was that this is a minor incident that would not affect his chances. A pattern of repeated similar mistakes could hurt him.