1. U

    Candidate Activities Form Issue

    So, I'm applying for the co '28 and while I'm filling out the CAR portion of the application, this shows up and won't let me send this part of the form. Does anyone know what's going on and have any solutions? I already fixed the activity remarks form so it has 245 characters rather than 255+
  2. S


    Hello, I just received an LOE from West Point, and I know that there is something call a LOA. I know that they are two different things, but can someone please clarify me of what the key difference is between an LOE and an LOA. Also, does anyone know how many LOE's are given out? Thank you...
  3. P

    Accepted to USMA and then tore ACL

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here and I turned to the forum because I had no idea where else to go. I am a prospective plebe for the class of 2025. I started the application process for USMA very early and was successful throughout the entire ordeal. I received an LOA on the first...
  4. G

    What is a supervisor nomination?

    What is a supervisor nomination?
  5. D

    SLE 2020 Acceptance?

    Hi all, I applied to SLE as soon as I could with all the technical difficulties (yay) and I’ve heard that some people have been accepted already. If you’ve been accepted this year, what did your application look like? On my CQ I’ve got a PSAT 1310, SAT 1220 (taken sophomore year so not the...
  6. B

    Am I Competitive? What should I Do Next?

    I fear my greatest challenge will be my teacher evaluations for English and Math as I did not have the greatest relationship with those Jr. year teachers... But here is my packet going into Senior Year at my Military Highschool I did not get into S.L.E I'm working on nominations at this time...
  7. J


    How are the West Point interviews? Should I prepare a resume or some other type of information? What kind of questions should I prepare for?
  8. A

    What should I be doing to get a nomination?

    I am a Junior in high school this year and I am wondering what I should be doing to better my chances of getting a nomination. I'd like to go to West Point, and I live in Colorado. My GPA is 3.74. I am a female. I am an Officer in the Future Business Leaders of America. A member of the...
  9. A

    Can I make it into West Point?

    I am a Junior in high school this year and I am wondering if it is possible for me to go to West Point. My GPA is 3.74. I'm a female. I am an Officer in the Future Business Leaders of America. A member of the Athletic Council. A member of the Activities Cabinet. I am the Class of 2019...
  10. J

    Beast BCG's

    I have fairly good vision and rarely wear glasses or contacts and can see perfectly fine without them. However, my vision is one eye is weaker than the other. Therefore I will be issued BCG's during beast. Will I be required to wear them or will it be optional throughout CBT?
  11. USMAapp25

    Dodmerb ADHD disqualification

    This morning I was medically disqualified from West Point for ADHD. I have been off of my medication for almost a year now, have never had any additional accommodations for ADHD, have taken my ACT off medication and scored a 30, improved my GPA by .5 points off of the medication first semester...
  12. E

    SLE Fitness Preparation

    I am a female junior that was offered a spot for week 2 of the West Point SLE. I have a couple questions on what the physical side of the program will be like. Thanks! How intense the physical part of the program will be? Is taking the CFA test there optional? How much should I prepare for the...
  13. W


    Hi, was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice for the interviews for Congressman Israel. I would appreciate if you could PM me any info/advice you can give. Thank you.
  14. D

    How much does my act help?

    Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. My school doesn't rank students, and the Gpa scale is very strange. Ive heard that westpoint doesn't look at gpa as much as Class rank, but because my school doesn't rank, how would WP analyze my academics? I would assume that they would just look at my act...
  15. D

    I am Medically Disqualified.

    Hi everyone. I just found out that the refractory error cannot be +- 8.0 diopters. My error is 8.75 and 8.50. Ive heard that almost nobody gets waivers for this. I guess this is it for me, although I will go to my Dodmerb anyways, who knows what could happen. Any input would be appreciated. Im...
  16. E


    Hi all, I am currently a ROTC cadet with a 4 year scholarship who is contemplating applying to WP again. I received a nomination last year and was 3 q'd however I did not make the final list. I have ben in ROTC now for about 3 weeks and I love the program but deep down I still have a drive to...
  17. J

    West Point Questions

    I am applying for the class of 2021 and I have a few questions. How are my chances? Act:31 Gpa:3.9/4 Rank 12/80 (competitive school) All advance math and science classes 3 Varsity Sports Boxing President of 2 clubs Seinor Leadership Team Student Council Represenitive Boys State-5th highest...
  18. T

    Two years into engineering school, "epiphany",and now want to enroll at West Point. Worth it at all?

    Hello, I am a current 20 year old engineering student at a public university. I had a rather drastic change in my perspective after both having become a very strong Christian and having educated myself much more on the origin of the conflicts in the Middle East, in particular: works by William...
  19. BLACKBIRD505

    New Mexico Military Institute Prep Program

    If you have any questions about prepping at NMMI as a self or Sponsored prep please ask! or any questions about the program.
  20. G

    When to contact Congressmen?

    Hello all, I'm a Junior applying for the class of 2021 - I was wondering if now was an appropriate time to contact my respective congressmen. I know many are still sending out their nominations and many of their websites haven't updated yet (The due date still says 2015). I want to contact them...