1. Q

    NROTC - Quit to Enlist & then come back to Officer

    Good evening everyone. This is a strange question but I'm curious what the community has to say. I'm an incoming 4/C Marine-Option in NROTC with a 35 ACT, 3.9 High School GPA, and both a 300 PFT & CFT. I THINK I love the idea of going straight into the officer corps, and I'm excited for my...
  2. S

    Your Mid and Their Blood Type.....

    Just a heads up- when your mid reaches the summer before their firstie year, they are asked what their blood type is on one of the forms they fill out for Leatherneck. That the mid is filling out at 5 a.m. East Coast time on their way to Leatherneck. And you, as a parent, have no clue what...
  3. M

    Marine Engineering

    Can any marine engineers or former marine engineers tell me about the job? Did you all enjoy your work as a marine engineer, and what were you daily tasks like? Are you happy that you chose to work in this field? Just wanted to hear your experiences, thanks!
  4. L

    USNA vs U of Michigan NROTC- Marine Option

    Hi everyone, I have been lucky enough to earn an appointment to USNA with the class of 2023 and also a NROTC Marine Option scholarship to the University of Michigan. Although having to choose is a great problem to have, I am conflicted on which route to select. USNA has been my dream school...
  5. F

    NROTC Marine Option Chances

    Hello, I am an applicant for the 2019 NROTC scholarship and I was wondering if some insight could be given into my chances of receiving it; keep in mind this is for the Marine Option so the stats are different. I’ve been confused on what to believe about the accepted statistics, looking at the...
  6. F

    Revoke NROTC?/MO Scholarship?

    Hello All, I have been awarded a four year NROTC/MO Scholarship to TAMU. However, I am currently struggling in my AP Calculus BC class, and I may finish the semester with a D or below. I am working with my teacher to resolve the issues in my understanding of the material, but I was wondering how...
  7. S


    First post, though I’ve lurked on here for a long time. I had a quick question about the DODMERB. A few months ago I had the medical exam done for the USNA, and I was qualified, and that was that. I also applied for the NROTC MO scholarship earlier this Fall. About a week ago I got an email from...
  8. L

    NROTC Application Change

    I applied for the first board of Marine option NROTC and have not yet heard back. I am unsure if I will be awarded it so I want to be prepared for the second board. How do I go about Re-running a PFT? Should I contact my recruiter to request a change? I think that I will have a much stronger...
  9. S


    Hello! As I am researching the academy before I apply next year, I found out about PROTRAMID. It sounds like an amazing experience to get to know the different options, but I am pretty sure I would not be able to handle Marine week (gas chamber and all). Are there any other options, or is...
  10. kinnem

    Lt becomes first woman to lead Marine infantry

    We knew it was coming. Hope she knocks it out of the park.
  11. C

    Netfocus Login Issues

    I started my NROTC (Marine Option) application last night and decided to finish it in the morning, but now I can't login. I either get a 403 error "Access is forbidden" or it basically refreshes the login screen without an error message. I know that I'm putting my password in right because it...
  12. A

    Post-Marine ROTC help

    I am a junior in high school and hoping to get accepted into the NROTC marine option full scholarship program. I am wondering what kind of job awaits me after I graduate from the program should I get accepted. I know that I am commissioned as an active duty officer but what does that entail...
  13. JGreenberg1191

    NROTC College Programmer

    After not receiving the scholarship this year, I have decided continuing pursue either a 3 year scholarship, either at my first or second choice. When you join the college program, does anyone know if you have to immediately choose between Navy or Marine option? Or do you only choose once you...
  14. U

    How to improve chances and chances now?

    Im a Junior this year and was wondering how Id be able to improve my chances of getting into USMMA? Gpa- 3.15 career(last to trimesters 3.5 and 3.6 slacked off sophomore year) ACT-25 first time going for for 27-29 in February Varsity hockey for 3 years(talking to the coach at USMMA to for...
  15. J

    Can NROTC Marine Options Apply for 2 and 3 year Scholarships?

    Ive always assumed that Marine Option midshipmen could apply for 2 and 3 year scholarships if they don't receive the 4 year. However, recently I've heard otherwise from a few different sources. Does anyone know what the deal on this is? Did the Marines get rid of the 2 and 3 year scholarship...
  16. J

    NROTC Marine Option Shoulder Surgery Waiver

    I am applying for the NROTC MO scholarship and I plan on earning a commission as a Marine officer after I graduate. Only problem is that I have dislocated my shoulder about 4 times and my doctors are telling me that I need surgery to stabilize it. THERE ARE NO TEARS IN THE MUSCLES OR LIGAMENTS...
  17. J

    NROTC Marine Option or AROTC?

    First, some information about me: I am a high school Junior, Male, and an athelete (lacrosse). I am in good shape and I generally get good grades (mostly Bs and some As.) I havent taken my ACT yet, so I cant provide that. Current Cumulative GPA is 2.8 (yikes, I'm currently getting a 3.8 gpa this...
  18. J

    NROTC Marine Option Rejection

    I just received my rejection letter from the NROTC Marine Option 4 year scholarship board and I have a few questions: 1. Does this mean I will be deferred to the later board in February? The letter said I was not selected for the 4 year scholarship but it did not include anything about me being...
  19. J

    Is a 265 PFT competitive for NROTC Marine Option

    I scored a 265 on my first PFT. 17 pull-ups 76 crunches (I kicking myself for thinking crunches would be a guaranteed 100) 18:55 run Does this put me in the competitive range for a 4 year NROTC Marine Option scholarship. I'll definitely do better the next time I take it because I had a cold...
  20. J

    NROTC Marine Option Evaluations

    Can I have a Social Studies/History teacher fill out my English evaluation on the NROTC Marine option application? I have written a lot of papers for her class so I was wondering if she could fill out my English evaluation for my application.