Humor for my Navy and Marine friends


This is just SOOOOO wrong.
The real reason why all USNA grads have B.S. degrees and STEM performance is so important to the application. As we all know, if your gonculator is offline, you are not mission-ready.

DD deployed to an island recently; wore more swimsuits than flightsuits...just sayin'
Who needs an island? Not Navy.

This is the real reason Navy likes that big water platform jump at Navy accession programs as a swim qual. Mid-ocean swim call! And they’re not joking about shark guard.

And Steel Beach picnics. A classic.

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I was reading a work of historical fiction, and reference was made to the Royal Navy toasts of the day. I had forgotten they had different toasts for days of the week.

Posted not so much for humor but for gentle enjoyment, and perhaps incorporation into daily usage as part of your military cultural diversity personal program.

Sunday"Absent friends""Absent friends and those at sea"
Monday"Our ships at sea""Our native land. King and country"
Tuesday"Our sailors" (prior to 2013, "Our men")"Our mothers. Health and wealth"
Wednesday"Ourselves" (usually with the informal reply "for nobody else will concern themselves with our well-being!")"Ourselves. Our Swords. Old Ships"[nb 1]
Thursday"A bloody war or a sickly season""The King"
Friday"A willing foe and sea-room""Fox hunting and old port. Ships at sea"
Saturday"Our families" (prior to 2013, "Our wives and sweethearts," usually with the reply "May they never meet!")(no alternative)
Apparently today we are roasting a bloody war or sickly season? 🤔
It was a way to promotion!!
(especially if one didn't have "influence")
Ah! Of course. Yes, if you didn’t have the class status/$$$, and had to work your way up and wait for openings, nothing like heavy casualties above you or a good sweep of typhoid to clear promotion congestion.