letter of recommendation

  1. J

    Could you get a letter of recommendation from a math teacher that you had for a couple weeks in two separate years?

    For my junior year of highschool, I transferred out of AP Calculus BC because my first test grade was bad. For my senior year of highschool, I was in AP Calculus BC for a short time, but transferred to take a different AP class as my school limits the amount of APs you can take to 6. Would it be...
  2. U

    Letters Of Recommendation

    I’m just about through 75% of my application for class of 2027. I already filled out the required recommendation fields (Math, English, etc…) but there is also the option to add additional LOC’s. I added my water polo coach since he has seen me grown outside of the classroom. Is it worth it to...
  3. L

    Effect of Letters from Coaches

    I was wondering if anyone could speak to the impact that letters from coaches and other faculty have in the waiver process. I was just DQ'd for asthma past the 13th birthday and started the waiver process for Army ROTC. I have been very active in several sports, (especially endurance sports)...
  4. L

    Do I need recommendation letters from my 11th grade English, and math teachers.

    So I have been recently confused about who can write my recommendation letters. So my question is, do recommendation letters from 11th grade English and math teachers have more weight in the nomination/admission process. Also, am I able to get a letter of recommendation from any other teachers.
  5. USS_Oregon

    Letters of Recommendation

    How should I ask people to address the letters if I plan on using them for multiple MOC nomination applications? Thanks
  6. USS_Oregon

    Letter(s) of Recommendation

    I was wondering if I can or should use the same letter(s) of recommendation for different MOCs and the USNA application itself. Or do I need different individuals for USNA application and the MOC nomination application? Thanks in advance.
  7. T

    Recommendation Letter(s) for USMMA

    My goal is to provide adequate time to write recommendation letters to my teachers/counselors by letting them know in advance. Unfortunately, the portal doesn't open until May 1st. Until then, what is requested of educators is a mystery to me and any help would be appreciated. What I was hoping...
  8. S


    Hello all, I am currently a freshman and re-applicant to USNA attending a 4 year university in California and I am enrolled in our school's NROTC program. I have molded my schedule around what a plebe at USNA might take, including Calculus, Chemistry (with lab), and an English Comp. class and...
  9. FØB Zero

    When can a Teacher Submit Letters of Rec?

    Hello friends, When is the letter of recommendation spot open for noms? (Can we submit them mid summer?) Can my teacher submit nomination letters at the same time as the academy letters of rec in mid summer? What month best to ask my junior yr teachers to write a rec (since during summer...
  10. E

    Military Recommendation Question

    As an active duty sailor, I have a question regarding the Military Recommendations. The application states, "Please enter the Last Name, First Name, and Email Address of the Military Official from your Senior or Junior year for whom you want to fill out the USNA Military Recommendation 1...
  11. L

    Recommendation for appointment letter

    I am currently recruited by a sports team for the academy and just finished my time at a prep school. My coach emailed me saying he was sending in a recommendation for appointment letter. I was wondering if anyone has received this in previous years or can give me some more details on this type...
  12. P

    Letter of Recommendation Question

    I understand that I will need a letter of recommendation from an English instructor. However, as a community college student, I have not had an English class in a while (I tested out of English a while ago). I understand that instead, the letter of recommendation may come from another Humanities...
  13. S

    How should a congressperson be addressed in a letter of recommendation?

    I have several people writing letters of recommendation for me for service academy nomination applications. How should they address those letters to the congressperson? I've seen several ways online... -Dear Senator John Doe, -To whom it may concern, -Dear Board of Nominations, -Dear Honorable...
  14. G

    Application to USCGA

    Hi, I am currently going through the application process for USCGA. I have everything completed besides two of my teachers who have yet to submit my letter of recommendation. I am applying early decision and would like to submit my application as soon as possible especially since I got invited...
  15. S

    Re-use letters of recommendation?

    I'll be submitting 3 nomination applications to Senators and the District Rep for USNA. I'll then be submitting 5 more nomination applications to other District Reps for USMMA. Most MOC request 3 letters of recommendation per application, so I'd like to divide those up by have one writer cover...
  16. purechaos78

    Getting Ahead on Letters of Recommendation

    Hey everyone, I had a couple of questions regarding letters of recommendation. As of now, I am labeled as a competitive pre-candidate (I know this means nothing). Given that I am hopeful to be moved onto the candidate stage sometime in July, I wanted to begin seeking letters of recommendation...