Pre Beast Injury

Jun 16, 2017
I am curious if there are any knowledgable folks out there that have dealt with an injury pre-beast. My DD suffered an injury that will keep her out of Beast for 2021. She was given a LOA for 2022. I realize that all the medical waivers and passing all fitness requirements is a must. Will the MOC consider that she has already received an LOA from West Point when the time comes?

As many can imagine this has been quite a blow to her and any information would be appreciated.

Thank you.
LOA will certainly help but be sure to seek nominations from all 3 MOC again next year. I don't believe there is ever a 'guarantee' of a nomination.

Sorry to hear about DD; this was our main concern with state track finals thru June 3. Now its down to car crash or a slip and fall in the shower . . . DS is not taking any risky adventures for the next 2 weeks . . .
Very sorry to hear. As stated, no guarantee, but if she heals and does not have any new blemishes on her record they do try to find space for them. Our DD was jumping until a few weeks ago so we were pretty nervous about this.
I think most MOC's understand the system, and know this situation occurs. My guess is that a nomination will be given. Just have her keep pushing to dazzle.
A second nomination is likely but as in all things, nothing is guaranteed. Your local WP rep should be able to guide you in this process. If you don't know who this person is, then now would be a good time to find out.
So for now, your daughter should make plans to attend another college (county college can be a fine option) and take the kind of classes that you'd take at WP (English, Chem, Physics, Calc...) so that WP can see that you have continued to challenge yourself academically.
Praying for your girl and for your family. I am so sorry that this happened. I don't have any particular advice but knowing that USMA wants her will help with the nomination process, certainly. I hope that she heals well and completely and quickly...and that she is able to come up with something meaningful to do to fill the anxious days until early July 2018. <3
Sorry this happened. The MOC will understand and want to know what happened. The great part is she will now have a year of growth a big disappointment she can talk about in her journey. How the injury really challenged her to heal and her resolved to attend USMA. Although no nomination is guaranteed I am sure if your DD takes it seriously, does well at school next year and is prepared for the interview things will all work out. Good luck!
I'm sorry to hear this happened to her! Is there an option for her to attend a civil prep school for the next year while she goes through the reapplication process? The civil prep will certainly help her keep in shape and meet WP standards and keep her on tract with the process.
So sorry to hear and will pray for your daughter for complete healing. Our son is a gymnast so we are constantly concerned about pre-injuries and since he practices 65 miles away, we are also worried about potential driving infractions/accidents. I totally feel for you and your daughter. May she stay strong and be of good courage and never give up trying.
My very determined dd has been through her nom interviews, has a LOA for 2022, is diligently working to improve PFT score
and is waiting to hear about her medical waiver. It has been a very long 6 months for her and continues to keep her mind focused on her getting to West Point for Beast next July. I hope this limited update finds all of your sons and daughters finding their way through the first year! Happy Holidays.
@bookreader 's DS had a similar situation, but left during beast. Perhaps she can weigh in. Another friend's son was injured a week before beast...let me ask what his process was and I'll get back to you (this one is a cow now).