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  1. K

    Question on chances and decision dates.

    Good Morning, I live in New York, and I was told a week ago that I will be receiving a nomination from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to West Point. This being said, I have a few questions. 1) Is there any advantage to receiving a senatorial nomination over a congressional one? 2) I know West...
  2. Y

    Help for current applicants

    Good Morning! I received an appointment offer(and accepted) from West Point roughly a month and a half ago. Applying for West Point was time consuming, confusing, and intimidating. I relied on the assistance of my Field Force Representative, Mr.Mullen, and the people from this forum to go...
  3. 1

    USMAPS class of ‘22

    I will be attending USMAPS in about a little more than a week. Applications have opened up for the West Point class of ‘26 already. Do I have to still submit applications for nominations from my senators and congressman or is that not needed since I’ve been accepted into USMAPS? Just asking so...
  4. G

    What is a supervisor nomination?

    What is a supervisor nomination?
  5. G

    If I will ever get in next year be prepared for a menu' change in West Point 😂😂

    If I will ever get in next year be prepared for a menu' change in West Point 😂😂🤣🇮🇹
  6. G

    Are my Academics good enough for West Point? Or I'm below the average?

    Hi Guys I have a 3.89 GPA and I ranked 1st or 2nd in my class, I'm very good in History, Geopolitics and social studies, on the other hand I'm not very good in math. How many chances do you think I have based on this data? If I choose the Forghein Affairs course how much math I will face? Ps...
  7. G

    West Point recommendation

    I'm applying to West Point, and the principal of my High School will write the recommendation letter for me (along whit some of my teachers), do you think the admission team will consider it as a good thing?
  8. G

    Question about the SAT ?

    Hi guys I have one question about the academic scores: I have a 3.92 GPA, but I'm not that good on the SAT, I am Dyscalculic and on Math I have a 60% accuracy, 70% Essay, 80/90% Reading. I'm working hard 6 days a week to improve for the SAT and I improved in math from a 50% to 60% but...
  9. G

    How can I improve for the CFA? Do you think I can make it?

    Hi guys, how can I improve for the CFA? Do you think I can make it? I Will do the CFA in 3/4 months and this are my current scores: Bball throw - 70 ft Pullups - 7 Shuttle - 9 Sit-ups - 45 Push-ups - 30 1 mile - 10:40 I know it's not great but I started 1 week ago and I'm working hard 5 days a...
  10. FØB Zero

    Can I send an update to my CAR after Jan 31st?

    Similar to a previous question, I sent an update this morning to my rep, but it’s a weekend so he probably won’t see it until tomorrow. Can the update still be made after?
  11. E

    Document Upload

    Hello, I asked my boss to fill out the employer evaluation form about 3 months ago and he told me to see him when I hit the 6 month period, which is today. Unfortnunately, he is not here today. Will I still be able to upload the form by tomorrow? Does the upload document feature work until...
  12. M

    Appointment Arrival for the USMA?

    Good evening, everyone. I just received word yesterday from my Senator’s office via the phone that I’ve been awarded an appointment to the USMA Class of 25’. Any idea when my BFE will arrive in the mail? Thanks!
  13. M

    Nomination Not Showing up in Portal

    Good morning everyone! So I was contacted earlier this week about receiving a principle nomination from one of my Senators to the United States Military Academy, and yesterday I was contacted by their office that they were submitting the nomination to West Point as we spoke. The staffer thought...
  14. M

    West Point Chances-How does my CFA look?

    Hey there all! I hope you’re doing well! I’m applying to all three of the service academies, and I’m in the finishing touches of my applications for all of them. I just took my CFA yesterday morning and was wondering how my scores looked? I haven’t received any contact from the academies yet...
  15. E

    What are my chances of getting in?

    Here is a mini resume: I am a rising senior in high school. I have a 4.46 GPA, a 1250 SAT score, am the President of Interact Club, treasurer of Business Professionals of America, the alto saxophone section leader in my band, have 100+ community service and am currently working a job. I am...
  16. T

    Required or Helpful Classes/Clubs?

    Hi all, I just began my fall semester of Junior year, and am wondering if I took enough classes and extracurriculars to maximize my chances to get into either West Point or Annapolis. My schedules over the years are as follows: 3 English classes (English 1 Honors, English 2 Honors, AP Lang) 4...
  17. B

    Is this a Letter of Encouragement?

    I filled out West Point's Candidate Questionnaire a while back. I didn't even log in to my portal since then, but today I got the following email: Greetings from West Point, Based on the information you have provided us in your Candidate Questionaire, you are a highly competitive candidate...
  18. S

    What are my chances/ how can I improve my application

    I’m a rising junior and was wondering what my chances are of getting into WP and what I can do to improve my application. I currently have a 4.05 weighted GPA and an ranked in the top 10% of my class ( I plan on joining NHS this year). I take all honors and AP courses. I am taking the SAT in...
  19. J

    Question about applying to USMA

    Can a 2 year Community College student who is in the Air National Guard Pararescue apply to USMA/West Point if he's willing to join the U.S Army? The reason he wants to join USMA is because it's a good school that can build good character physically and mentally developing strong leadership...
  20. WishfulThinking

    What More Can I Do To Make Myself More Competitive? Tips?

    I am a female junior(class of 2020) and I am looking forward to applying to West Point very soon to become a part of the Class of 2024. One thing I can tell from lots of research is the male to female ratio, is it more difficult for a female to be appointed to WP? Some Information About Me: -...