Re-use letters of recommendation?


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Aug 28, 2018
I'll be submitting 3 nomination applications to Senators and the District Rep for USNA. I'll then be submitting 5 more nomination applications to other District Reps for USMMA. Most MOC request 3 letters of recommendation per application, so I'd like to divide those up by have one writer cover my academics, 1 writer cover my athletics, and the last writer cover my character. These 3 writers know me best in covering the area assigned (athletics, academics, character). Since they know how to represent me best, I'd like to use them to cover the 3 letters for each application I'll be sending.

Is it alright to use the same 3 people (which I'm confident will represent me better than anyone else) for each of the 8 applications I'll be sending? Even if they use the same letter of rec for each MOC but change names, addresses, and other small details?

It feels "cheap or lazy" to use only those 3 people and just repeat their letters to other MOC, but I'd rather have their work submitted before anyone else. I could request others write letters for more variation between applications to MOC, but I would REALLY like to use these 3 people.
Absolutely it’s OK. You’re being very thoughtful about who recommends you. There’s nothing cheap or lazy about turning to the people who know you best. It’s an uber-competitive process, so don’t compromise in this area. Best wishes.