Roller coaster I: Get You (The Parents) Through Plebe Year - Class of ‘27 🎢

I am looking forward to him posting “Day in The Life” pics with a pixelated face.

Print out some of the Dad Jokes to send him?
Good idea. Meme away! Must hurry as they are getting close to being done!! Hard to believe!
if you are on FB, join USNA 2027 BLB parents, all of your questions have been responded there. It’s a great group of parents supporting each other.
Thank you so much for this advice, I am already in the group and enjoying it so much. I did not know about it.
I received a letter from @Dragomir and he said to tell y’all hello. And he is doing well! Qualified on the range, enjoys the endurance course the most, and has joined crew. Loved his 1st set detailers. And told me it was OK to share all that, here.

He sends his regards ⭐
Just sent him another card this week. Have one on my desk to send tomorrow. What a good egg, can't wait to hear directly from him as a plebe in the know.
It's been quite a summer. No amount of research could have properly prepared me for what I was about to experience. I think that's a good thing.

Overall, it's been a fun summer.
Ditto to my shipmate! We will have to hook up once we get released from PS. I'd say "mostly fun" too but daaaaanng was that a lot of work, looking back! Few more days...
Now that Plebe summer is over, got a call from DD last night about not being able to log in, how to set up her IPad to the network, anxiety of where her classes are, etc. I.E, normal first day college freshman issues. Her first period is free so I told her to go to Nimitz and ask one of the librarians to help her with the IT set up. Time figure stuff out on your own! What a shock from relying on your detailers for everything to now figuring stuff out on your own.