ROTC and National Guard


West Point Candidate C/o 2026
Jul 8, 2020
Hi, I am going to talk to a recruiter soon, but I was wondering if anyone knows/has done college, ROTC, and national guard simultaneously.

If this is possible, would I be released from my contract as a Gaurdsman if I were to receive an appointment to USMA?

If I do not receive an appointment and do ROTC and National Guard simultaneously, would I commission active duty from ROTC after 4 years or would I go to national guard?

Thanks in advance.
Sign nothing when speaking to a recruiter. Recruiters enlist and do not have a good understanding of ROTC. You could limit your options if you do things in the incorrect sequence. Speak to an ROO at your favorite AROTC unit first. Go in with your eyes open.
search for @Montana State Army ROTC messages. He answered this question recently. Not putting words in his mouth, but I believe the message was, talk to the ROO because while there is a way to go AD, if you do it the wrong way you will be limited to National Guard.