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Nov 18, 2007
207 seems like yesterday i was on this forum asking some stupid question about my application process....

i remember when i was so excited about USAFA i could barely handle it, and when i was so worried about what the admission panal thought of me i COULDN'T handle it...but through thick and thin this site (and CC) have both really helped me out- but here was where it started for me.

thank you everybody for answering my questions and comforting me!
Glad we could be of assistance. Best of luck, there are still many hurdles in front of you, but keep pressing forward. :thumb:
Best of luck as a Zoomie, flyboy!

Just remember to take it one day at a time.

Come back and visit us when you can.
I too would like to say thanks. Many of the people on this forum also spends a lot of time at the service academy forum at college confidential. But, I sort of got banned on that forum. "Not something I said on the service academy forum, but the normal college parent's forum". Maybe some day they'll let me post there again.

Anyway; thanks to everyone who has helped out there and here with answers to some difficult questions. It seems like only yesterday that my son applied to the summer seminar and fell in love with the academy. Only yesterday that he finished his application to the academy. Only yesterday that his senior high school year as well as the football season. And the long wait until November when he received his appointment.

Then after all that, it seemed like it would take forever for tomorrow to come. Finished his football season; visited the academy in February; visited again for orientation in April; and then graduated high school on memorial day weekend. It doesn't seem any longer that it took FOREVER!!! Now, we drive down to Colorado Springs tomorrow morning and watch our son take his next step which will truly now be the 1st step of HIS life. We'll obviously be here for support, but the vast majority of support will now have to come from within and from his fellow cadets.

You all have made these last 12 months much smoother. Having spent 21 years in the Air Force, I had a very good idea of what was going to happen, but I learned so much more about the academy and such from all of you and your questions, answers, comments, etc.... Here and at the CC forum. I've learned so much that even my son's ALO has solicited me to assist her with her next group of applicants going to summer seminar and applying to the academy. Thank you all so much. My son is so much more prepared for his new journey because of all of your help. You will forever be in our thanks.

For those of you entering the class of 2012; God bless you all and the best to you. You have taken on a very important and selfless endeavor. You are willing to serve your country and protect the citizens and their rights and freedoms. THANK YOU! All I can say is that the Air Force is/can be a very rewarding experience, career, and lifestyle. Take one day at a time and better yet, 1 CHALLENGE at a time. Just as the last 12 months have flown by, so will the next 6 weeks. Cherish each day of BCT and as a cadet. Learn from every experience and from each other. Develop friendships and camaraderie with each other and learn to be a team and family. If you do these things, you will have a wonderful and exciting experience. Be there for each other. Don't try and be a loner. Don't try and do it all by yourself. That's not what the Air Force is about and definitely not what they want from cadets at the academy. When you learn to make your "Spirit, Mind, and Body" work as one, then you will be able to work as one with each other. Then, NO ONE can stop you. Best of luck and thank you all again for all your help, advice, knowledge, and support. Mike........
Christcorp, when you return & get the chance to gather your feelings about dropping the kid off & all the experiences of the day, please post back & share with us. The very very best of wishes & safe travels!

Well..... after a few weeks anyhow. Then ya can........ :wink:
WOW!!! What a day!!!!

Well, it was a very organized and internally emotional day. Very quiet 2 1/2 hour drive from home to the academy. No one really said anything. Not me, my wife, my daughter, and most of all my son. I think he was realizing that it was getting ready to actually happen.

Luckily for us, the football team put together a continental type breakfast; donuts, bagels, fruit, coffee, juice, etc... for the new cadets who also happened to be recruited on the football team. It was held at the press box at the stadium. Started at 7am until disbanding around 9:30 so everyone could take a bus together to in-processing, or drive themselves if they had their parents with them and a car. It was nice. Something familiar to start the day off with. Coaches and players that our boys had already met months ago. It was nice.

Finally got to Doolittle Hall and got into a very long line. But it went quite fast. We worked our way into the AOG and chatted with our son for a few minutes. He finally looked at me and said; "I'm ready to go". Those were about the most painful words I have ever heard. Our family is pretty close. And while I love my wife and she is my best friend; and my daughter and I are also very close. But, I have a very special relationship with my son. He is a part of my life. Since he was about 6 or 7, we've been involved together with all kinds of sports, music, hobbies, etc... Having him say that he was READY to go really affected me. I promised him I wouldn't cry; but instead I got totally choked up and watery eyes. I couldn't speak. He hugged me. Then his mom and his sister. We let him go upstairs.

I know this is great. I myself having spent 21 years in the Air Force and leaving home at 17 yrs old, just like him, is understood. I know we will see him as often as possible. (We are only 2-3 hours away). We have season football tickets, parent's weekend, "A" day, etc... There's all the holidays, breaks, etc... just like a normal college student. But with my daughter at a normal school, I knew she could come home anytime she wanted. I could go there anytime I wanted. When she graduates next year, I know she will come home. Even if it's only for a week, month, year, or however long before she finds her own job, apartment, and her own life. With my son, assuming he makes it through BCT and 4 years; (I have no doubt he will); he has pretty much started his new life today.

Anyway, the process was very organized. After he left to go upstairs at the AOG and start his processing, we waiting outside and watched he exit the building. He and others worked their way to a memorial to honor those before them who gave their lives for our country. They then proceeded to the "Bridge". On one side, they were explained how their life was going to change. (For the good). Once the crossed the bridge, the military discipline was going to kick in. And boy did it. All of them lined up; walked to pick up their backpacks/luggage that they had placed in a holding area earlier; got back in line at attention, eyes straight ahead, and no talking. Just waiting for the bus. We were taking pictures like crazy. At least one of the cadets running the show came up to me and my wife and said; "If you want a REALLY GOOD PHOTO OP, just point out your child to us". He smiled and knew that we knew that we didn't want to do that. He was kidding. I'm sure he wouldn't have gotten into my son's face. However, we did see some in line getting chewed out for all sorts of things. After that, we watched him get on the bus and pull out. WOW!!!!!

Then, we decided to take our daughter to the visitor center to the gift shop. Also to see the chapel. While looking over the cadet area from the chapel lookout, we actually believe we saw my son and the other "Rainbows" (That's what we called them when I first came in because of all the different colors of clothes being worn). They were just coming up the tunnel into the cadet area. Anyway; gave my daughter the nickel tour of the academy and headed home. Of course, we had to stop off at some of the outlet malls on the way home. The girls weren't going to let me get away without stopping for them. We are lucky that we are only about 2 hours away. (Depending on Denver traffic). We're also lucky that he is involved with the football team. Not that the athletes have it easier; they don't. Just that they have met each other; knows who's in which squadron with them; met ahead of time; and is there to support each other.

Anyway, it's been a very emotional day. I am so proud of the decision my son made. I will indeed miss him, but I know it's right. We'll keep sending letters to him so he can feel that we are still there for him emotionally and spiritually. Thanks again everyone. Later.... Mike....
Mike, as always, you bring clarity and relief! (stupid CC mods!) Anyway, I am glad your S felt ready. I was very concerned that one of my twins would say "never mind" when the plane was boarding.

I can't wait to see your son score the winning point on Parents Weekend!
Thanks for the report. It is nice to read about other parent's experiences. It really doesn't seem like only one year ago that we took our son to the airport in Green Bay.

If there is ever a time that you new parents have a question, please feel free to post it. I will do my best to answer it, or to find out the info if I don't know. If you don't feel comfortable asking in the open forum, you can send me a private message anytime.

Congrats to your kids for making it, and thanks to you for giving them the tools to get there.

Thanks fencersmother and stealth. I'm definitely feeling a little better today. On the CC forum, I read where a young man fell on the steps of the bus and tore his miniscus (Don't know how to spell) :) Anyway, it looks like they turned him back medically already. Also another who was medically sent back last year who didn't make it yesterday and he too is coming home. Supposedly, close to 11 people already sent back. I feel so bad for some of these young men and woman as well as their families. All that hard work. I pray that they keep their spirits up; find the positive in the situation (There is always a good side); and find happiness in their lives.

I know my son, as well as Fencersmother's boys have been determined to do this for a very long time. Their pride and determination will indeed help them through it. The most important thing is that we keep writing them and telling them how much we love them. How proud of them we are. The only advice we can really give them is that anything they feel or are going through, so are 1300 other people. Work together with each other to get through it.

Our sons and daughters will be fine. They are in an environment where they are being developed into being leaders. As long as they WANT to be there, the academy will do EVERYTHING in their power to ensure that they succeed. Keep the faith and love. Later.... mike.....
Mike how did you get banned from CC. I was wondering where you went. Also do you know what squadron your son went to yet?
Hey there. To answer your question. I was in the parent's cafe section and there was a debate about either politics or the environment. I can't remember. Someone was really WHINING and basically expecting us to accept everything they said without any argument. When I challenged/argued my point, they took it as a personal attack and complained to the mods that I was intentionally insulting them. Go figure.

As for my son; he is in the INTERCEPTORS in BCT and then he will be in #36 during academics. I think the AOG said they are called the "PROUD PINK PANTHERS". Too funny. Anyway, if you'd like to post that on the CC boards for me, that would be cool. I've been off there for a couple of months. I've emailed the webmaster a few times about reinstatement, but they don't return my emails. Go figure. Anyway, we're excited. Hope the boy does well in BCT. He's looking forward to it as well as football practice and school. Catch you later... Mike....
Yes he will be a pink panther and there are plenty of CC and SA forum cadets close by. Sorry to hear about the CC trouble. I had to stop myself last week after USNA69 made a comment, resorted to calling him an "old sea troll". I had to work at Army, AF, Navy, and Marine locations before I retired, and he reminds me of every Navy Captain I ever met "infallable", and touch arrogant about it. I reigned myself back in and put him on an ignore list.
DS, you probably saw I also answered USNA69's posts on that AF thread on CC. Had to reign myself in as well.
Oh my where are the manners???
Gossip is as gossip does.
If you can't say something nice about someone then don't say anything at all. It is especially bad manners to talk about someone behind his back.

Christcorp - sorry about your unfortunate experience on CC - it seems to be par for the course for forum moderators and administrators, however.
My very best wishes for your son at AFA and I hope he enjoys his trip east to West Point with the football team!
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ChristCorp your son is in goodhands and i know exactly how you felt about dropping him off. Potter was raised in the AF too, and even knowing what she has gotten into it was very hard saying goodbye. I know living in Cheyenne you will get plenty of time in on weekends, but the house is still really quiet during the week, and it just doesn't seem right.

Bullet I reaching deep for that restraint now too....:shake:
Thanks all. I think the first semester will be fine. I purposely bought season tickets to the football games. (Could have gotten free ones, but this way I support the team and by paying for them I have less chance of NOT going). So, I'll get to see Jeremy on "A" day Aug 6th; Parent's weekend on labor day; 6 home games; If he travels with the team (Very unlikely being a freshman) I could see him at the Wyoming game. Then, after the last game, thanksgiving is the next week. 3 weeks later is Christmas. I think I'll be fine. I am pretty fortunate to live fairly close. At the same time, I want him to grow and spend free time with new friends if that's what he wants. Anyway, thanks again. Later.... Mike.....
Mike, I know that your son will have a blast on the team. My sons can't wait to take up the blade again. I guess they will see the coach maybe a couple times before A-Day, maybe not since we think he is going to China for the Olympics (not sure on that though). Anyway, there is one tournament in CoSpr which I am going to try to attend - I think it is in October. I'll probably have to sell off a car or something to pay for it though!

It is extremely quiet here at my house since S1 is now working one fulltime job, has another 4 nights a week for 3 hours, plus 4 hours on Sat., and my DD is now working at a local fast food. With kids gone all the time and now my twins REALLY away, I am having conversations with the dogs which are a bit too involved, ya know? :wink:
Fencersmom if you sell the car you wont have to pay $5 a gallon to fill it up.

I know the first weekend was kind of hard for us, but it started move faster after that. The pix from webguy were a godsend even if we never saw potter in one. The schedule he posts gave us an idea what was happening. Before we knew it Doolie Day Out arrived. I was like a nervous cat all morning waiting for that phone call. It was so good hearing her voice and a few minutes later they sent an email with pictures. Then webguy pictures of Jacks Valley started. My wife and I both knew what was happening because we had both experienced many years ago, but it didn't make things any easier.

I hate to interrupt an otherwise good thread, but please do not discuss problems you have with another forum here. If you would like to discuss such issues please take it to PM.

Thank you, and again sorry to interrupt. :thumb:
You're right about the gas!!! My Honda Odyssey at 155K miles (5 years old) still gets a good 20 mpg around town, and once we got 27 on the highway (just six ppl, no luggage, through very flat Ohio). Still, that doesn't sound so great when I see the 60 mpg the Prius and other models get.

I paid off my mailman (in cookies) today to stop at my house FIRST on his route for the rest of the summer. Usually, I am one of the last houses. I don't suppose a dozen cookies is much of a bribe though.:shake: