Transferring ROTC Scholarship to a Different School

Did you (or will you) visit your schools of intent before or after you got your scholarship?

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Feb 1, 2018
I recently received a four-year ROTC scholarship and I need to select which school I would like to apply the scholarship to. Here's my dilemma; I haven't yet visited any of my top three schools, and I'm torn on which one I would like to attend. Of course, I will submit my acceptance letter and just select my first choice, but I still intend to tour all three schools in either March or April. Unfortunately, April works much better for my schedule. If I decide that I want to transfer my scholarship to one of the other two schools by the end of March, I'm guessing there shouldn't be too much of an issue, but will I be cutting it close if I decide sometime in the middle of April? Does anyone know if there is a cut-off when you can no longer transfer your scholarship? I live in Hawaii, so it's hard to coordinate a trip without my parents where I can see all three schools (each school has different dates/specific times and I'm not old enough to rent a car). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
It is cutting it close. Can one parent go with you instead of both? I took last Friday and Monday off without pay to bring my son to his two choices for the second time and to meet with the ROTC people there. Touring schools in March or April for a May 1st deadline for college acceptance is cutting it really close.
Congratulations on your dilemma!
You need to discuss this with each of the units.
Ask them if they "fill" up.
Your challenge will be if more than one does.

Look at total cost. This is discussed obliquely a lot on this board. School A offers room and board, school B doesn't. You know what your income will be for the first four years after college. NPV $60K in loans.
Ask the units if cadets get any scholarships.
Not all schools advertise what they offer ROTC scholarship winners. Some only offer them to 4 year winners. The units will know, but for some reason don't always share. Confirm with the financial aid offices. I had all three services tell me the school had no set scholarships to offer ROTC. In discussions with mids and cadets, they were all getting the exact same amount.
Called the FA office, they confirmed the amount offered.
When I followed up with the units, they confirmed that they were aware, but don't typically share the info because it was not offered to all depending on type of scholarship and major.

Travel for you will be a big cost for you. Don't look at lowest cost, price tickets around the spring breaks of each school.

Talk to current cadets. More than one at each school if possible. Better if they are studying your major. Skype if possible.
Visiting is always key, but these steps will help.

Good luck!