When to start seeking a nomination?


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Dec 28, 2008
Hi I am a junior in hs right now,and have been asking a lot of questions on this forum and found it EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you to you all!!! So here's my next question:

Are there any steps to seeking a nomination that I should be going about at this point (as a junior)? (I was accepted to USMA's summer seminar, still waiting on USAFA, and of course will be applying to USNA's as USNA is my #1 choice!) But USMA's summer seminar said that I should begin to seek a nomination, although after visiting my congressman's website it appeared that I should be doing this later. (Plus, I need to take the SAT which I will be taking for the first time in January).

Academy Q's,

I would say you should really get everything started rolling this coming semester. Get in contact with you Representative and your Senators ASAP. Just get your name on file, and don't hesitate to ask them (their offices, really) any questions you have about the process. The squeaky wheel gets the most attention. :wink:

Also, not sure where you are, but in CO, we have what's called "Academy Days" in March where nominees get to meet the representatives, and hopefuls can come to get more information. I wasn't able to go this past spring so that's about all I know. Again, ask your MOC's office about it for more details.

About the SAT's. I think that's perfect timing. You should probably take them again at the end of the semester, since most people improve the second time around, and usually you'll have until about October (I think? Someone will have to check me on this) to update your file. My MOC let me update the file up through November. Have you taken your ACT's? Having the two of them (and doing well) will strengthen your overall score.

Otherwise, just make your resume look the best you can (with WP SLS on there it already looks better than mine did), and be prepared to defend everything on there in your interview. That will be final and most important piece to this. I walked into one of my Senator's interviews extremely underprepared, it went marginally well, and I didn't get a nom. With the other senator and my Rep, I had great interviews, and I got nom's from both. So, for that, I'd say find yourself as many opportunities for interviews as possible. I went through all my ROTC interviews even though I had no intention of going AROTC and very little AFROTC, but they were great practice.

Best of luck! Hope to see you on the yard in a couple years!
A suggestion I would have is go to the SAT website and answer the daily question. These questions might be different than what you are used to having. Also you can get study books (review) at book stores. This could help you improve your scores too. After you take the SAT in Jan. please take it again at the end of the semester (May or June). Your scores should improve again due to the English and/or math classes you have just had. If you are taking Cal. don't expect much as this is not on the test. Just the Alg. and Geo. Good Luck - hope this helps.
thanks for the advice. i'll definately contact my MOC at the end of this semester. luckily, i've already had "contact" with him as last year when I was nominated for his "youth volunteer award" and interviewed at his office. I ended up getting 2nd runner up (3rd place) and I made it known then that I was planning on applying to the academies.

another question: for references, do the academies just ask for the basic english and math references or is there an "open" reference as well. I have had many people offer to write references for me such as my cross country coach (also my community involvement counselor), my club advisor (I'm president of the club), and my city's police cheif (I've done a lot of service work for the city so I've gotten to know her fairly well).

as for testing: i've taken the psat twice and am going over the questions i got wrong, and i'm going over questions on the site. Is the ACT neccessary for is just the SAT fine? and i know what you mean about the math, I am in Calculus BC AP (2nd year of AP calc since I took Calc AB AP as a sophomore) and it really doesn't help at all with the SAT or subject tests!

thanks to you all, agian!!!!! i know this is long!
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Submitting just the SAT scores is fine. That is all my son did. He was taking Cal. and it threw him for a loop. After he received his scores he was not satified and retook on standby at our local testing sight. The week or so before the test he studies the book he bought at the book store. Yes it did help him. When he was at NASS they told him that if the SAT scores were not very good to try the ACT. I think it is a matter of testing style. If you do not get the scores you want then retake atleast one more time and go from there. Good luck...
Contact your hs guidance counselor, they should know who your BGO is and then contact that person. Your BGO will have the most information that will pertain to your situation. They are very experienced in knowing what the USNA looks for and can help you fill the gaps. Remember they are a part of your WCS (they write recs also). BGO's are assigned to particular areas and have multiple kids under their wing from yr to yr. They will be able to see how you compared to those that got in last yr and how comp. for 14. BGO's also interview the kids, so you would be required to meet them anyway when the actual process starts rolling. I would suggest starting a thread asking for BGO advice...the BGO's will come and assist.
In terms of seeking noms, MOCs are just winding up the nom process for 2013. Also, if one or more of your MOCs will change (due to the election), you need to wait until he/she gets into office.:smile: You might wait until Feb 1 (after the noms are due) to inquire. In the meantime, you can check your MOC's website, as many post their applications on line. However, you definitely want to check back later in the spring b/c the applications can change from year to year and you want to make sure you're using the most current form.

Also check your MOCs' deadlines for submitting your packet. Some are quite early (one of our former Senators had a Sept. 15 due date) and missing the deadline is a sure recipe for not being considered. However, again as a general rule, it doesn't make much difference how far in advance of the deadline you submit. As always, take the time to do things right.
thanks for the help! I've met my BGO once at an info seminar, so I send him an email just to check in!