Will I qualify for a scharship?


Aug 10, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I'm in Army ROTC and just had my PT test this morning, and got a 257/300.
My GPA is currently a 2.72.

Will these stats be sufficient enough to qualify me for a scholarship?

Im a second semester sophomore, MS1 cadet and Biology major. If I dont qualify this semester, would I be able to qualify next semester as a sophomore?
I'm not qualified to comment on how Army scholarships are awarded, and there are so many variables involved I wouldn't venture to say even if I was an expert. We have no knowledge of your leadership skills, military aptitude, or your bearing among other things. If I were to guess, and this is only a guess, your grades and PT score are too low this semester to qualify. Those are things you can control and improve, so get on it.

I assume your final question was about junior year because there is a contradiction in that final paragraph as written. I'll leave that answer to others but advanced standing might be another option. You do not need to be on scholarship to commission.
Most AROTC battalions will "rank" their non-contract cadets based on the GPA, APFT, EC's, SAT and leadership, essentially creating a battalion OML.

Without knowing other factors, such as how strong your "competition" is, and if your battalion is short their recruiting mission or not, it is difficult for anyone here on the forum to opine about your prospects for a campus based scholarship. One thing for certain, you will need to earn at LEAST a contract before you will be allowed to begin the advanced course (and attend Advanced Camp in the summer of your junior year).

Have you asked your ROO about a scholarship? Have you inquired about Basic camp this coming summer? (because you are a sophomore, Basic camp can "catch you up" with the MS-I's who began as freshmen.

  • If the majority of cadets are over a 3.0 GPA, then your chances are greatly diminished.
  • Raise your GPA by getting straight A's where you can. Bio requires Chemistry and Chemistry requires lots of study. Get extra help from office hours, hire a tutor, form a study group....but get the best grades possible.
  • When you are not studying, focus on PT. Improve your APFT to at least a 275 or better.

Good luck.
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