active duty

  1. eaab08

    Foreign Language and Active duty

    First of all, sorry if this question's already been asked, it's kinda hard to specify this in the search tool. I was basically just wondering if whether a foreign language minor affects where a graduate is stationed. For example, if I chose to minor in Arabic, would there be an increased chance...
  2. W

    Is USMMA actually a Federal Service Academy?

    I have often heard that is an official federal service academy and I have also heard that it is a dedicated NROTC school. How does this academy work on paper? Is it a military academy? It seems to be a non-traditional military academy; those who do not go active-duty military serve as a USNR...
  3. D

    USMC Option?

    Just curious, does anyone know how the option to commission in the Marines works at KP? Do they go through OCS after graduation? PLC due to the crazy Kings Point schedule? Or Leatherneck? I thought Leatherneck was for USNA. Do MIDN join USNA for Leatherneck? Also how is it determined which...
  4. C

    ADSO and Branch Detail

    1) I know that with an ADSO you sign up for additional service to help get the branch you want. What are the best branches to ADSO for if you're an average cadet? 2) I know that Branch Detail also gets you your preferred branch in exchange for serving in another branch. What branches can you...
  5. N

    Service-Connected Nomination Sources

    Hello, I am in the process of applying for nominations and am confused. Is the Secretary of the Army nomination capable of nominating active duty soldiers? If so, how would I apply? The portal has a document which has a box to check for the way in which you qualify for the SecArmy's...
  6. E

    Army ROTC while studying MechEngineering

    I'm entering my third quarter of freshman year in college, joining Army ROTC as an ms1. Im studying mechanical engineering, and aspire to contract active duty in either infantry or the engineering corps. I can max an APFT, but am wondering how high my GPA needs to be in order for me to score...
  7. C

    Cyber Security in Army question

    I am looking to possibly join the army after completing college and have a question about my options. I am majoring in cybersecurity and would like to have an MOS related to cybersecurity, such as cyber operations specialist(17C). The certifications and training you receive for that MOS would be...
  8. M

    Getting MBA during ADAF

    Hi all, I'm a current senior in college, ready to commission this coming May. I got assigned as 62E (Developmental Engineer) at Hanscom AFB (Boston!), MA. I'm still unsure if I want to just do minimum service commitment and get out or stay in at do 20+ years. Regardless, I know that at...
  9. P

    Prior Enlisted Army Questions

    Does anybody know how many dedicated slots there are for prior-enlisted soldiers? Is it split into reserves/active duty? Are only combat veterans allowed to apply?
  10. T

    Taking Easy Classes In College to boost GPA? (higher chance of getting active duty)

    I heard some people talking about taking easy classes in college to boost your chance of getting active duty slot. GPA obviously counts the most along with your physical fitness. Should I take/do "easy" college classes/major to boost my GPA? And IF so, what classes do you recommend?
  11. JD1776

    [AFROTC] Will I get an investigation for dissenrollment?

    I am a rising AS200 on a aero engineering tech major HSSP. AFROTC is my passion and I have a deep desire to be a pilot. I received a 2.2 GPA this semester when taking 16 credits and a 2.4 GPA last semester when taking 19 credits. When I got a CE after my performance last semester, I made sure...
  12. SeanM


    Hello, I am posting here in hope to have some closure as to what will most likely happen regarding my current situation. If there is any insight on what may happen then please feel free to post below. I am not trying to get super personal, i am just seeking information. (cheers) Here is some...
  13. E

    Not Sure What to Commission

    Hello, I don't normally ask questions but I'm a sucker for info. So I am a mechanical engineer currently in Army ROTC as a 5 year scholarship kid. Going through my engineering curriculum, I have found that I enjoy Thermodynamics and converting heat to work but I also really enjoy explosives. My...
  14. C

    ROTC V. Active Duty

    Hello, I received a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship and I'm in my first year right now, and i just have a lot of questions about the difference between ROTC and active duty. I don't mind the PT at all, I have no trouble getting up and the workouts could actually be harder imo. But i just get...
  15. L

    Life after your first 5 years of active duty

    I'm currently in application process for the USMA, and am wondering what kind of choices and opportunities would lie ahead of me after your 5 years of active duty. I plan on majoring in chemical or nuclear engineering, and would love to enlist in the Corps of Engineers or the Chemical Corps...
  16. Potential Pilot

    ROTC/SMP or Usmma for AD

    Hello. I am a sponsored prep at Nmmi for the Merchant Marine Academy but I am debating switching to Rotc at a college near my home. More than anything I want active duty and doing more research I am finding that I might have a better chance through rotc than the academy because I know for sure...
  17. Potential Pilot

    Does GPA determine AD at KP

    Good evening. I am a sponsored prep at Nmmi and I am going through a dilemma. I would absolutely love Kings Point, and I am interested marine transportation but I would love army AD as an aviator. When applying for AD from the academy, how much does GPA factor in to your choices? I could do rotc...
  18. N

    Active Duty vs. Reserves and Civilian Career

    So recently I was accepted into Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service (woohoo). I also got a four year full tuition AROTC scholarship (woohoo again). So, I'm trying to create a few 15 year plans to see my career options and such. I know for sure that I want to work in the foreign...
  19. 1

    Getting an Active Commission through Split Ops

    I'm 17 and I have been talking to a recruiter about the National Guard's Split Option program. I'm also trying to get into VMI on a ROTC scholarship(I'm a junior in high school). Assuming all goes well, what are the chances of getting an active duty commission(not AGR) doing both the National...
  20. jbjtitleist124

    Life in Active Duty (ask a Captain anything)

    Ok, So I see there is a "Ask a Cadet Anything" thread, and while I know Active Duty is (and should be) the last thing on an appointee/cadet candidate's mind, I thought I would open it up to those individuals or parents who might have some questions about active duty. I am an 08 Grad currently...