afrotc application

  1. C

    How to start the process for AFROTC

    Hi all, I am starting my senior year in high school and wanted to start planning to join AFROTC. Do I need to apply to the college first or the ROTC program? Thank you for any help you can provided!
  2. A

    AFROTC Chances

    What do you think my chances are at getting the Type 1 scholarship this year? I'm a high school senior. First pick for major is general studies (specifically nutrition and dietetics or public health), second is biochemistry, third is biochemical engineering. 4.0 unweighted GPA, 4.39 weighted, 32...
  3. M

    AFROTC Interest and GPA concern

    Hello all, I am currently a sophomore in college considering AFROTC. Based on the scores listed for the Air Force PFT, I am confident I would be able to score in the 90-100 range on the assessment, and I feel my leadership skills are apt. My biggest concern is that I have a 3.12 GPA and am not a...
  4. W

    Are students selected for AFROTC scholarships at specific schools or in general, for any school?

    Hey Everyone, I thought that AFROTC offered general/universal scholarships, meaning the acceptance into ROTC was independent of the school the recipient attended (of course, the school would have to offer an AFROTC program); however, in my scholarship application, the Air Force asked me to...
  5. W

    Will AFROTC allow me to double-major in one etechnical and one non-techincal major?

    Hey Everyone, I want to study economics (a non-technical major); however, I have been informed at only about 10% of scholarship students are allowed to study non-technical non-foreign language majors. One suggestion I received was to study Applied Math instead of Economics because they are very...
  6. W

    Will Air Force ROTC let me major in economics?

    Hey Everyone, I am a rising senior, and I plan to apply for an AFROTC scholarship this fall. I want to study economics, but the Air Force does not recognize it as a technical major. Economics is still very heavy in math, especially calculus, so it feels technical-adjacent to me, where it isn't...
  7. FØB Zero

    Scholarships based off ACT/SAT scores (and General)

    Are the type 1/2/7 based off the supscore of your testing or composite on an individual test? o_O (Applying soon here and hope it’s superscore) - Also, I was reading about the type 1 scholarship today and am wondering how competitive is this one? What percentage of applicants get each...
  8. Dude

    Steps after receiving AFROTC Scholarship

    I have completed my AFROTC scholarship application, including the interview and am now awaiting a decision. On the AFROTC website it states, “If you receive a scholarship offer, you will be required to complete and pass a medical exam and meet Air Force ROTC physical requirements in order to...
  9. S

    Chances for AFROTC (or other) Full Scholarship without much athletics?

    I have never participated in a varsity sport and my only physical extracurricular is martial arts. I originally did Krav Maga for a couple years and now am in my second year of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am entering my senior year of high school and will be applying for ROTC scholarships this year...
  10. E

    AFROTC Activity Sheet Questions

    The sheet says Sports - Sanctioned Varsity Sports Only So does Freshman and JV basketball not count for anything? Or should I put that in School Team Events or just off completely. Also in music participation does only school activities count? I'm in a band and have played at pizza joints and...
  11. RobertGDog

    2018 - 2019 AFROTC Scholarship Boards?

    Hello, Just curious if anyone knows when the AFROTC scholarship boards for this year will be? Specifically the first one? When should my DS have everything completed and submitted in order to be involved in the first board selection? Thanks!
  12. J

    AFROTC Scholarship Tech Majors

    Hi everyone, I've been doing a lot of research lately on AFROTC along with filling out the scholarship form. The question I am looking to have answered revolves around a tech major at one of my top schools that is not listed on the AFROTC tech major list for scholarships. The school I...
  13. S

    What are my chances of a 4 year AFROTC Scholarship?

    Hello, I would like to know what my chances are for a 4 year ROTC scholarship for the Air Force. I just finished junior year. I have a cumulative 3.73 GPA as well as a 1380 SAT. I have been in ROTC sophomore and junior year, with the position of Squadron Commander. I did track for all of...
  14. P

    Defer AFROTC Scholarship for One Year?

    Here is my situation: I was awarded a four-year Army ROTC scholarship and am all squared away to attend Baylor University in the fall... BUT I have not yet been medically cleared through DODMERB. I am expecting to be cleared (they are only reviewing a laparoscopic appendectomy I had in February...
  15. P

    AFROTC: Multiple Questions

    1. I was offered a four-year type 7 scholarship for AFROTC. I was just cleared medically for air force. I also received a four-year AROTC scholarship, which is my first choice, but I have still not been medically cleared. I have already accepted that scholarship. Can I accept the AFROTC...
  16. B

    DoDMERB notification??

    Hello, this is my first post. i applied for AFROTC HSSP back in the fall and had my interview with an officer early January. I just received an email this evening stating that I would be prompted within 2-3 days on instructions for my DoDMERB exam. Does this mean that I was accepted for the...
  17. B

    DoDMERB exam notification?

    Hello, this is my first post. i applied for AFROTC HSSP back in the fall and had my interview with an officer early January. I just received an email this evening stating that I would be prompted within 2-3 days on instructions for my DoDMERB exam. Does this mean that I was accepted for the...
  18. C

    Is it impossible to switch from tech major to nontech (before you accept)?

    Hi, I believe I have a very good chance of getting a type 2 AFROTC scholarship, maybe even a type 1. My application is going to the board this Monday. My listed majors are Computer Science and Chemistry. Since my friend is an East Asia Studies major with a Chinese scholarship (she just takes...
  19. C

    Chances for AFROTC

    Hi all, I was hoping for some insight for what my chances are for an AFROTC type 1 scholarship at the upcoming March board. I have a fairly unique academic profile and haven't been able to find another thread that really matches mine. Here are my stats: ACT: 35 SAT: 1480 GPA: 3.4 physical...
  20. R

    AFROTC Application Help

    I have submitted my AFROTC application around October now and the only thing on my checklist is the SAT/ACT score. I have taken these tests multiple times so I can reach the minimum requirements but have not been able to surpass it. Since I wasn't able to surpass it, on my application it states...