1. O

    NROTC/AROTC/AFROTC Scholarship Chances?

    Hello All: I am applying for all 3 ROTC programs and I just wanted to see how y'all thought my chances were. Thx! (***** is my name of my high school or county name, blocked out for privacy) RESUME: ***** HIGH SCHOOL *****, VA Advanced Placement (AP)...
  2. J

    Question about ROTC scholarship transfer

    My DD was awarded 3-year scholarships to 3 of her top 4 school choices: George Mason (1st choice), Penn State - Erie (Behrend) (2nd choice), and James Madison (4th choice). Her 3rd choice was Penn State - University Park. She had Penn State- Erie higher on her list because we weren't absolutely...
  3. Pololive5

    What are my Odds of Winning a Scholarship

    I've been in the running for an AROTC scholarship for the Oct. and Jan. Boards and was Boarded/under consideration for the both. I am really hoping that my luck turns around for the March board and am wondering how competitive I'll be. Academic SAT: 1220 GPA 3.55 W/ 3.2 U Athletic...
  4. C

    AROTC school of intent

    I was recently informed that I have won an AROTC scholarship. I had put down two schools of intent, but under the status portion of my application, the scholarship only shows for one of the schools. Does this mean that I did not receive a scholarship to my other school of intent? (The school...
  5. G

    Chaplaincy through AROTC?

    Hello all, I'm an AROTC cadet studying English and Political science. I am strongly considering becoming an Army chaplain but was unsure if pursuing it through ROTC was a good idea. I have been told that it's better to direct commission as a chaplain rather than doing it through the Chaplain...
  6. B

    My AROTC/AFROTC Scholarship Stats: What can be improved?

    I'm well aware that no one can accurately "chance me," but I just I want to know the weaknesses in my stats so I can further work on them. GPA (Weighted): 4.00 GPA (Unweighted): 3.72 SAT (Best Standing): Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 630, Math: 700, Total: 1330 SAT (Super Scored)...
  7. Tenley71

    Changing Schools of Intent on AROTC Scholarship

    DD is showing boarded/under consideration. She has visited a couple different colleges and has decided she would like to take two schools off her school of intent list and add two different ones. The portal is allowing her to do so but have read on posts from years past that some stated that...
  8. Tenley71

    Awarded ECP Scholarship after 1st AROTC board...Question

    My DD was awarded the Ike Skelton ECP 2 year after the first board. She has researched the program and has decided that it is not for her and will be declining it. The paperwork from CC states to sign, put her intent and upload to her portal under "Letter of Intent and Acknowledgement." When we...
  9. J

    Air Force ROTC vs Army ROTC for CS majors

    Hey, first of all, thank you for reading. I am a college sophomore majoring in Math and Computer Science. I am interested in joining an ROTC program. Both ROTC and AFROTC are cross town for me, but since I live in NYC it is not really that much of a big deal. I have some trouble deciding which...
  10. P

    Chances at AROTC Scholarship?

    What are my chances at a 4 year scholarship? -Team Captain of Varsity Lacrosse -Ordained Deacon -3.8 unweighted gpa -1320 SAT -Involved in various community service organizations -Hold a paying job -Play Club Squash -Leader of Clubs at high school -Strong rigor of classes
  11. hopefullmom2023

    AROTC VS. NROTC with ISR. What are the differences?

    Hello all, My DS was awarded a 4-year AROTC scholarship to his three first 3 top choices. He has LOA to USMA and to USNA. However, he still does not have a nomination. Interviewed with one Senator, has an interview with second senator next week and District representative in December. He was...
  12. M

    AROTC First Board Scholarship Announcements

    If an applicant is boarded at the first board for AROTC which, as I understand it, meets this week, how long will it take for the first board scholarships to be awarded and how is the news communicated?
  13. jcgc745

    AROTC Waiver for ADHD and Adjustment Disorder?

    This is what it states so far: 28-Jun-18 Application Status Change Date 28-Jun-18 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system 28-Jun-18 Application Added 12-Jul-18 Actual date of exam 20-Aug-18 Date exam received at DoDMERB 20-Aug-18 Medical data entry 23-Aug-18 Date letter sent - Remedial(s)...
  14. R

    Boots to Ruck

    Hello all, I'm a AROTC MS2. Last year I purchased some off-brand combat boots at my local outdoors store. They were actually pretty great, but my battalion does a lot of rucking and they fell apart in less than a year. Since there is no-where near me that I can purchase a new pair, I have to...
  15. birdwatcher4125

    Letters of Recommendation (Academies, Congressional & ROTC)

    When DS asks a person to write him a Letter of Recommendation for the Congressmen, the four Academies and the three ROTC scholarships, should he ask for a single letter that he can copy that is generically written about DS wanting to "serve as an officer in our armed forces", or should he ask...
  16. A

    How to report Sat Writing Score on ROTC Application?

    Hello, I am currently competing for the Army ROTC National Scholarship. I have to enter my SAT writing score, but am not sure what to report as there is no single writing score for the new SAT. There is an essay score composed of three sections, reading, writing, and analysis. These are each...
  17. B

    Best Way to Avoid being a lousy "Butter Bar" 2nd LT after ROTC & SA??

    Does anyone have any good advice on how to best prepare in Army ROTC to become a decent Infantry Platoon Officer and to avoid bad "butter bar" lieutenant mistakes?? What are some common mistakes that newly commissioned 2nd lieutenants make after completing ROTC and Service Academies? Would it be...
  18. V

    Minutemen Scholarship vs ROTC

    Hello! I am a rising senior and I am interested in joining the military. I want to do the AROTC but I will probably not get it because of my gpa. I read about the Minutemen scholarship and I wanted to know the answer to a couple of questions: 1. How competitive is it? I have a 3.39 gpa and...
  19. C

    Will I Have to Accept an AROTC scholarship without knowing if I'm gonna be accepted to that college?

    My top (non-SA) schools are UCLA, Berkeley, and University of Michigan. I feel like I have a decent shot at each, but obviously the UCs especially are difficult to get into and I can't be sure of anything until I see the acceptance/rejection letter in front of me. However, I don't want to simply...
  20. C


    Hello, I am a rising Senior, and am torn between USNA & AROTC (only rotc offered locally). Assuming I earn the 4 year AROTC Scholarship, can I still reapply (and possibly earn admission to) USNA within my first 2 years of being on the AROTC scholarship at the college aforementioned, or does the...