candidate fitness assessment

  1. F

    Fitness Test

    Hello, Does anybody know what the fitness test for NROTC/AROTC/AFROTC entails? I can’t seem to find it on my app. Are all these assessments different?
  2. A

    ALO Interview Through FaceTime/Skype and CFA questions.

    Hello, I assume these questions have been asked quite frequently; however, it would be great to get all of the info in one thread. I will be doing my ALO interview on Tuesday, as well as my Candidate Fitness Assessment on Monday. I am wondering how much the CFA will be taken into account for...
  3. Nebulalabai?

    CFA Scores

    Does anyone mind reviewing my scores and speculating my chances for a retake? Basketball Throw: 67 feet Pullups: 16 Shuttle: 9.4 Im cringing just typing this Situps: 78 Pushups: 66 Run: 6:58
  4. birdwatcher4125

    Max the CFA Basket-Ball Throw?

    Does anyone know how common it is for a candidate to MAX (102') the CFA Basket-Ball Throw? My DS is making great progress toward maxing out all of the other five CFA events, but the B-Ball throw is making the slowest progress. When he first started his CFA workout routine (more than three...
  5. birdwatcher4125

    CFA opportunities in Wisconsin?

    Does anyone know of a private/public gym, high school, college/university campus or military base/armory in Wisconsin that offers to proctor official Candidate Fitness Assessments (CFA) for Service Academy and/or ROTC candidates? My DS has e-mailed the same question to his academy liaisons and...
  6. John Welch

    CFA scoring points vs. the Whole Candidate Score

    Based on the RAND Corporation 2015 West Point Admissions Report, page 10, a candidate will earn the full 800 points in the Athletic Activity Level Score (which accounts for 10% of their overall Whole Candidate Score) if they have “a CFA score greater than 650”. This looks like double-credit...
  7. R

    Will My Mile Time Ruin My Chances For USAFA?

    I just took my CFA and I'm pretty worried about my scores: Basketball Throw: 84 ft. Pull-Ups: 18 Shuttle Run: 8.6 sec. Sit-Ups: 80 Push-Ups: 75 Mile: 8:09 I have never been much of a runner and this was my final time taking the exam. Needless to say, I'm a little worried about my mile time. I...
  8. W

    Failed CFA

    Just putting out my first CFA scores for kids to know what would be a fail. Chugged a monster before hand thinking it would give me a caffeine boost and cramped up in the second lap of the mile. Rescheduled to take again already, Ill be fine I know my mile time on a track is 7:30ish. Event...
  9. S

    CFA Transfer

    I was recently at the Naval Academy Summer Seminar. While I was there we took the CFA. I did very well on the exam, and I do not plan on retaking it. I heard it is possible to transfer the CFA score over to the Air Force Academy. How can I use that CFA exam for my Air Force Academy...
  10. Ry0la

    Chance of admissions

    Hey guys if anybody has any time i just wanted to get a ballpark of whether or not it's even worth the application process. I have been an officer for 2 years in my marching band which is a nationally ranking band that has won tons of awards 30 on ACT 55 out of 507 in class 3.86 GPA No...
  11. Ry0la

    Candidate Fitness Assessment :/

    Hey this is my first post on here, and I just wanted to let you all know a bit about my situation... I'm a rising high school senior who used to be obese and lost 75 pounds in order to get into better shape... however, after this weight loss, I had almost no strength whatsoever. I have been...
  12. B


    Are you ready for another "what-do-you-think-about-my-CFA-scores" post? If you're not, then too bad. First CFA Results: B-Ball Throw: 56 ft Pull-ups: 9 Shuttle Run: 9.1 Sit-ups: 66 (Insert cliff and me falling off of it) Push-ups: 46 1-Mile Run: 9:45 I don't like making excuses, but I'm going...