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Jun 20, 2018
I am going into my junior year and my dream is to get into West Point. The only problem is I did not realize this until halfway through sophomore year. I have started working very hard and pursuing better grades and leadership status.

My freshman year GPA was a 3.1 (4.0 scale).
Sophomore year I had a 3.1 first semester and when I realized I wanted to go to West Point I jumped it up to a 3.8, to make my ovr GPA for sophomore year a 3.5. I was able to finish 4th term with a 4.02 GPA so I know I can get good grades. But is it still realistic I can get in even after working my tail off?

All of my extracurricular and leadership activities will be posted below

Leo Club: Community service under Lions Club Organization

KP Cares: My schools Comminuty service club

School Council: Community organization that helps the school improve in education and budget spending

Leaders’ Club (YMCA): Community service club that shapes teenagers into leaders by teaching leadership values through mentoring and activities

Peer Tutoring: Tutor students that require extra help in school

leadership summit member: Part of the school’s leadership program, help spread a healthier culture around the school

head-organizer of annual dinners for veterans: Every year, I organize a complimentary dinner for veterans through the YMCA

Gilly’s House: I am helping my town construct an open rehabilitation home

Mission Trip: I am traveling to Houston this summer to help rebuild homes that were torn down after the hurricane

Peer mentoring: Giving special education students a confidential friendship and helping them in school

New England Student leadership conference 2018

Employment: Food stand operator at the Wrentham outlets named “Quickbites”

Employment: Advirtesement managing and auto-mechanic work at Auto Express Sales, Foxboro Ma.

State championship football player

Track athlete
One never knows. It's not out of the question that you get an appointment. Keep putting your best foot forward and doing what you're doing. There is much more to an appointment than mere academics. Leadership, and what you do with that leadership role, athletics, community service, physical fitness and health all play a role.
I am not an expert as I only have a son interested in attending and working hard to make it happen but I would say "Absolutely and you should go for it". Your GPA is less important than your class rank from my understanding so keep cranking on your GPA. Your ACT/SAT scores, teacher references, leadership, extracurricular activities, CFA etc. are all important as well. The other thing to remember is that aim high for a service academy and even if you miss, you will hit a target significantly better than if you never tried at all!! Good luck.
It only costs time and effort to apply.

There is Army ROTC if your goal is service and commission.

For the Corps of Cadets experience there are the senior military colleges. Citadel is of course the best, then there is always VMI, Texas A&M, Norwich , VA Tech and GA Tech -