medical disqualification

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    Question on DD Form 785 Record of Disenrollment - "...has not incurred an Active Duty Service Commitment"

    Hi - My daughter was involuntarily disenrolled from USAFA due to a medical disqualification. We recently received her DD Form 785 in the mail. Here are the contents that stood out on the form: Section III: Reasons and Circumstances for Disenrollment "C4C XXXX was involuntary disenrolled due...
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    Waiver Process

    I have been qualified academically and physically but I am waiting on a medical waiver for a condition that I had and went away when I was a baby. One problem is that my waiver became officially under review on January 19th, only 87 days before the April 15 medical deadline. Does this mean that...
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    What do Waiver Authorities Look for in a Candidate?

    I've recently been DQ'd for a case of CECS that was successfully surgically treated a little under a year ago. I'm wondering what exactly are the criteria for granting a waiver. I've returned to full activity with no further issues. I've submitted my surgical notes and a letter from my treating...
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    Can I get Naval/Marine Officer flight surgeon to do my eye exam or even entire flight medical as a civilian before applying?

    I am looking to become an officer in the USMC and apply for an air contract when I do it. I am somewhat familiar with the process. However, I don’t want to get to flight school and be medically disqualified like some people have that I have heard of by other officers/officer candidates and...
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    What are the chances of getting medical waivers for asthma and a labrum tear for USMA?

    I did my medical examinations in August and am now in a waiver process for both asthma and a labrum tear. After sending in documents and pharmacy records while in the remedial phase, I was sent my DQ in early September. I have not had any symptoms of asthma since I was a really young kid, but...
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    AFROTC medical

    to cut a LONG LONG story short I come from I deeply troubled household, this led to a lot of different things at a certain points for me… well when I was 15 I self harmed and, I have many scars that I’m not proud of. I wish I could turn back time. I can’t though. Skip to now I’m in college and...
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    What happens if you are diagnosed with HIV in NROTC?

    Hey y’all. Quick hypothetical question. What happens, if I get diagnosed with HIV while on an NROTC scholarship. What would happen to my career? Would I have pay the scholarship money back? Any clarification helps, thanks.
  8. C

    Allergy - DQ - Help!

    Hi. DD was conditionally accepted for '27 back in December. Following medical we were informed that DD has been DQ'd due to a history of food allergy. The waiver process has been started. We have been asked for an AMI by allergist. Anyone been thru this or have a contact with an allergist...
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    Need help. Medical disqualification

    Dear all, Finally last week my DD got medically DQ and her last 5-year-long dream (since 8th grade) was shattered in a moment. Although the WestPoint portal hasn't been updated yet, she got this info via her regional command channel. She had everything green and the WestPoint Academy initiated...
  10. J

    Medical History that is Disqualifying, but is Not as Severe

    For context, I am an upcoming 100 who will start courses a month from now. I am also uncontracted and out of scholarship. Following a discussion with a friend of mine regarding medical history, I checked my medical records. What I found were two disqualifying issues: 1. Mild intermittent asthma...
  11. annabel.h

    Medical DQ and Rejection Questions - USMA

    I just received my medical DQ and what I’m pretty sure is a rejection letter from WestPoint. I will attach an image of the letter. I had high hopes of going, and had received two nominations (one senatorial, one congressional) but had about 3-4 medical disqualifications. I passed the CFA exams...
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    What Docs to Submit to Be Considered For Waiver?

    Hi all, I'm on track for NROTC after receiving the Marine Option scholarship, and recently got DQ'd for asthma, allergies, and eczema. For my asthma, I haven't needed my inhaler for any physical activity since I was twelve. My eczema was mild, and I have only gotten it once, two years ago. For...
  13. C

    Waiver or Automatically DQ'ed for checked psych boxes? - USAFA

    TRIGGER WARNING: self-injury, suicide, mental illness My son (currently 14 years old in 8th grade) really wants to attend USAFA after graduation. He is working hard to make himself a competitive applicant (for example, he chose advanced geometry, Spanish, and cyber security as his "electives"...
  14. azhb2026


    Hello all, I recently received my medical code and AMI. I have a pending disqualification for a slight food allergy when I was seven years old and had no other reactions afterward. Will this be disqualifying? And an AMI for a dehydration incident. I work in aviation administration, and I...
  15. 17racer

    Disqualification for Medication

    I am currently applying for the USNA. I filled out my DoDMERB yesterday and I am pretty worried that I am going to get disqualified for a medication I take. I take Sertraline which is typically an antidepressant, but I am prescribed it for an off-label use. I was diagnosed 6 years ago under...
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    strabismus history

    I have a history of strabismus (crossing of the eyes). I have had a strabismus surgery twice in the last 3 years (in 2018 at 15 years old & in 2020 when I was 17 years old). My last surgery was just now a year ago. Since the last surgery I have not had any issues with double vision, only at the...
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    Difficult District and Medical Disqualification

    Good Evening, I have been consuming a lot of this forum, but I decided it was about time I posted a question myself. So I've received a Nomination to USAFA from a particularly hard district (700+ Applicants in CO-01), and been served a Medical Disqualification. I have noticed many people of...
  18. B

    Waiver Process

    Hey all. I recently began the waiver process, and I have submitted all the pertinent information I can muster. For those who finished the waiver process at some point, how long did the decision take for you? Thank you!
  19. A

    When will USAFA initiate the waiver process?

    I was medically disqualified by DODMERB on September 15th. I completed my USAFA application on October 18th. On average, how long after application completion will USAFA request a waiver? The Candidate Booklet reads, "If you are competitive for an appointment to the Air Force Academy or one of...
  20. FØB Zero

    Reapplicant after med DQ

    If I reapply (after a possible DQ), do they still have my medical forms from the previous year on file? I know DoDMERB is good for 2 years, but what about the waivers? Would I need to resend info?