usma 2025

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    LOA and Appointment timeline

    My DS received an LOA to USMA in August. Since then, candidate has become medically qualified from DODMERB, passed the CFA (green checkmark and "passed" shown in the portal), and received a congressional nomination in late December. DS has not received a 3Q letter (is this necessary?) DS has...
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    Appointment Arrival for the USMA?

    Good evening, everyone. I just received word yesterday from my Senator’s office via the phone that I’ve been awarded an appointment to the USMA Class of 25’. Any idea when my BFE will arrive in the mail? Thanks!
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    Nomination Not Showing up in Portal

    Good morning everyone! So I was contacted earlier this week about receiving a principle nomination from one of my Senators to the United States Military Academy, and yesterday I was contacted by their office that they were submitting the nomination to West Point as we spoke. The staffer thought...