What are your top two career choices?

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Just got the call that I got an RPA slot!
My stats were not that great so be confident!
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That is good to know. My son is looking for a pilot spot. The thing is that his major at college is Professional Pilot and if he were to not get a pilot spot, he would get no flight time for the next four years. He understands the risk, but once he finished with the Air Force in 4 years, he would have to start over in trying to get his 1000 hours so that he could fly for the airlines. That is assuming he doesnt change his mind again and decide to stay longer. He was going to play D3 college baseball until he decided he wanted to major in flight and do AFROTC. I highly doubt that as really likes to fly. He just started learning how to flight jets and his instructor was amazed how well he did but more importantly how he wasnt nervous flying the jet for the first time.

I think that's about 100 more pilots than last year. Also, potentially more than half were selected to be pilots, I'd say good!
Pilot Slot from this Board

My son has no idea what his RSS is. Do they tell you this?

FT: middle ?
RSS: ?
PCSM: 98
PFA: 93
GPA: 3.00
Congrats to everyone who got picked up! I can only speak directly to those who were selected for Pilot, but get ready for the wild ride of UPT. The preparation starts earlier then you think it does.
Anybody have their cadre tell them when the supplemental board might meet?
If a cadet is DQ'd someone will be pushed up to take their position. In the late summer/fall, after the flight physicals, they typically reassess what they need to fill and will hold the supplemental board.
CSO Select
GPA: 2.9 (Math Major)
PFA: 100
PCSM: 75 (97 Pilot, 11 hours)
FT: 16/24
RSS: ??/14 (Probably 12 ish)

GPA: 3.5
PFA: 95.7
PCSM: 16 (33 Pilot, 22 hours)
FT: 0 (I did not go yet deferred EA)
RSS: ??/10 (Probably 2 )
Does anyone know how many enjjpt slots are typically awarded compared to the number of pilot?

Typically I have always been told it is 10%. They only wing about 215 out of ENJJPT compared to the 300+ at the other UPT bases. When you add in USAFA and OCS, plus the international students, thus 40 would be about right from AFROTC. I believe last year @380 pilot slots went out to ROTC.

Congrats to all. Now get back to studying and keep flying, because realistically you will not start UPT for @ 1 yr after you commission.