Any Advice?


Nov 3, 2016
Just graduated high school yesterday and I will be applying for the Academy this Fall while I am attending CU Boulder (Studying chem and bio engineering and doing AFROTC along with other activities). I started my application and received a nomination last year, but did not finish the application because I didn't feel prepared enough for it. Here are a few quick stats/achievements: GPA 4.0W/3.6ish UW, ACT 32, 5 AP courses, graduated with high honors, received a Scholastic Honor Award for Science, Colorado All-state choir 2 years, leadership experience in choir and a select student organization at school, Ultimate Frisbee 5 years, about 30 hours volunteer/community service (I have a volunteering job this summer so that will be higher), accepted to CU School of Engineering. I will be continuing with singing and frisbee in the Fall, and I am planning on joining AFROTC and Flying Club at CU. I live in a fairly uncompetitive district for nominations and I received a nomination last year, so assuming I will get another nomination this year, how do my chances at receiving an appointment look? I would appreciate any advice for what to highlight in my application and what to work on/be involved in this Summer and Fall to improve my application. Thank you!
Get into Air Force ROTC at CU Boulder. Even if it's not with a scholarship, you can still get in it.
I'm planning on doing AFROTC but I want to know what I can do to help my application at the Academy.
It looks like a relatively good resume. The CFA is one thing which is both almost completely under your control and for which you have time to train. You should work at maxing your CFA score. Also, you should really make an all out effort to get an A in all of your first semester CU courses, particularly in Math and Sciences.

While one of the ALOs on this forum will know better about the extent to which they do or do not focus on prior applications, I would think that you should be prepared to have an intelligent and thoughtful conversation with ALO's and Nominating Committee interviewers as to why you did not complete your prior year's application.
Athletics could be stronger, but I think that is easier to get checked while in HS. The ultimate Frisbee will help, but I still think it would help to add to that. Leadership could be a bit stronger too. Otherwise you look pretty good. Probably had a good shot last year if you would have completed the application. Did you do the CFA? I tend to think that community service hours is an over hyped factor on these boards, but others would disagree. Your time might be better used elsewhere.
I didn't even try the CFA because I was doing about 37 pushups, 40 crunches, and 3 pullups and I knew that with a year of prep I could do better. Thank you all for the advice!
I didn't even try the CFA because I was doing about 37 pushups, 40 crunches, and 3 pullups and I knew that with a year of prep I could do better. Thank you all for the advice!
A quick story on the CFA. This past year, my senior year of high school, I applied to USAFA. I had excellent grades, good leadership, etc. The thing that held me back was athletics and the CFA. I took the CFA on the very last day of Early Action, and failed almost every event. Two days later, I received a notice from the Academy asking me to retake the CFA in a month. I worked my butt off for a month, every morning in the school weight room. At the end of that month, I took the CFA again, and passed. Not by a lot, but I hit the averages and showed improvement. While it was not enough to get a direct appointment to USAFA, I did receive a Falcon Scholarship to enter USAFA next year. Moral of the story is it doesn't hurt to try, and to never give up. You may be surprised by the outcome.
1. As a now successful college applicant who also didn't finish their app as a high school senior. I will echo what Christcorp said ; join AFROTC. You'll be eligible for an additional nomination source, be getting direct air force related training that shows dedication to being an officer in the USAF, and is an excellent backup plan among tons of other benefits.

2. I can almost guarantee someone will ask why you didn't finish your application. Have a good answer that is also true. I think I got asked in 2/3 of my nom interviews and during my ALO interview.

3. As you can tell by my name I've ridden the roller coaster more than once; what you have to do never changes. In the end, it comes down to the same stuff as in high school. Do well in AFROTC, get great grades, get in awesome shape, be a leader in all you do, get working on all aspects of your application, and finish the #$^# application. And always remember; Excellence in all we do, that means sometimes you'll have to study harder and work more than the person who's goals don't include being an officer in the USAF. get crackin.
I didn't even try the CFA because I was doing about 37 pushups, 40 crunches, and 3 pullups and I knew that with a year of prep I could do better. Thank you all for the advice!

hahahaha! You should review the many threads on the CFA and yes, please do take the whole year to prepare for it. Advice: practice for the CFA in TIMED ORDER OF EVENTS.

There is some debate about whether those coming from a civilian college are in a better or worse position than those coming out of high school regarding nominations. If you are from Colorado, you should never assume you have an "easy" district. There will undoubtedly be some raised eyebrows since you passed on your first nomination. Did you send a thanks but no thanks letter?
I did send a letter saying I would not be using the nomination for the Academy. But last year the person in charge of nominations also said that my district had more nominations than there were people who applied for a nom so hopefully it will be similar this year.