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Oct 22, 2009
Have you ever thought of stickying a thread with most of the acornyms used on the site? For someone new to the site, I didn't know what MOC, LOA, CinC etc. Just an idea.
A good idea - if there is one on this board I haven't found it yet! I hang out on a Disney Board as well and they have a link to one since everyone asks the same questions all the time. I have mastered MOC and LOA, but there are a lot of terms (especially when someone is discussing service later in the AF/Navy) that I have no idea of what they mean.
Disney Board?

This is the second time I have seen "DIsney Board" referenced here... what is that?

Uh oh, that was probably me! Just another board like this one, but the focus is on helping other people prepare for their trips to Disney World (or Land) rather than on the Service Academies. I know there are a lot of them out there but if you're actually looking for one, I think the best is disboards.com. Very similar format and concept to this, but a WHOLE lot more people! (Guess more people go to Disney than to a SA!).
If some of our members would like to take the lead on developing this, I'd be more than willing to put up an acronyms page with the information.
My parents have spent between 7-10 days during early spring each of the last three years at Disney World. They have been trying to talk my wife and I into a trip.

Hm, we currently have a trip to WDW booked for the end of August. Of course now that DS is planning on AFA, Parents' Weekend is Labor Day. So we've been discussing the options - taking the younger kids (then 17 and 15) with us, seeing USAFA, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, etc. - they've never been out there. Or sticking with Disney and having DH and I share time out with DS in Colorado over that weekend while one of us stays home with the other two (we'd probably overlap days).

For debate purposes, I brought it up with each of the other boys separately. DS16 went to Disney with me last year. When I asked him which he'd rather do, he said that they both sounded like fun - he'd like to see Colorado and had been to Disney but would do either. When I asked DS14 (who didn't go to Disney), his response was "I'd REALLY rather not do either!" :rolleyes:

Anyways, just looking back on a thread where I was lost - a couple acronyms I didn't know were PME, MSSQ, and WSO?!
Thank you to TPG for taking the initiative to do this!

How about CVW, 1/C, 2/C, 3/C, 4/C, MIDN, cow, yuk, sophmore, youngster, firstie, WCS, CGO, MALO, RD (regional director), AIM?
I added a couple things...

1/C – 1st Classman or Senior
2/C – 2nd Classman or junior
3/C – 3rd Classman or sophomore
4/C – 4th Classman or freshman
A-day - Acceptance Day (USMA)
AIM - Academy Information Meeting
ALO – Air Force Admissions Liaison Officer
AROTC – Army Reserve Officer Training Corps
AFROTC – Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
BCT – USAFA Basic Cadet Training
Beast – Beast Barracks or USMA’s Cadet Basic Training
BGO – Blue Gold Officer
Cadet – A Student who is attending USMA, USMAPS, UASFA, AROTC and AFROTC
CGO – Candidate Guidance Office (Admissions Office)
COW – Junior at USMA
CVW – Candidate Visitation Weekend
Firstie - Senior
I-Day – USNA Induction Day
Kings Point - United States Merchant Marine Academy
LOA – letter of Assurance
MALO – USMA Military Academy Liaison Officer
MOC – member of Congress
MIDN – Midshipman
Midshipman – A student training to be a commissioned officer at either the USNA, USMMA, or in NROTC
MSSQ - Mission Support Squadron
NAPS – Naval Academy Preparatory School
NASS – Naval Academy Summer Seminar
New cadet - USMA cadet during Beast, on A-day they become a cadet
NROTC – Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps
NROTC (MO) - Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (Marine Option)
nULL – Freshman in the VWIL program at Mary Baldwin College
OCC – USMC Officers Candidates Course
OCS – Officers Candidates School
OTS – USAF Officer Training School
PLC – USMC Platoon Leaders Course
Plebe – a freshman student at either USMA or USNA
PME - Professional Military Education
“Prep School” – USAFA Preparatory School
R-Day – USMA Reception Day.
RAT – A Freshman at VMI
Ratline – Freshman induction at VMI
Rat mass – The entire freshman class at VMI
RD – Regional Admissions Director
ROTC – Reserve Officer Training Corps
SA – Service Academy
SLS - Summer Leaders Seminar (West Point)
SMC – Senior Military College
TBS – USMC “The Basic School”
USA – United States Army
USAF – United States Air Force
USAFA – United States Air Force Academy
USAFASS - United States Air Force Academy Summer Seminar
USCG – United States Coast Guard
USCGA – United States Coast Guard Academy
USMA – United States Military Academy
USMAPS – United States Military Academy Preparatory School
USMC – United States Marine Corps
USMMA – United States Merchant Marine Academy
USN – United States Army
USNA – United States Naval Academy
VMI – Virginia Military institute
VWIL – Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership at Mary Baldwin College
WSO - Weapon System Officer
WCS – Whole Candidate Score
Yearling – A Sophomore (USMA)
Youngster - sophomore (USNA)
Yuk – sophomore (USMA)

AIM = Academy Introduction Mission (not Information Meeting)
Cadet - also a USCGA student
R-Day = Reporting-In Day at USCGA, (not just used at USMA).


AAP - USCGA Academy Admissions Partner
Bulkhead - wall
CGAS - Coast Guard Academy Scholars program
Deck - floor
FR&W - Formal Room & Wing Inspection
Head - bathroom
LMO - Last Military Obligation
Ladderwell - stairs
MMI - Marion Military Institute
NMMI - New Mexico Military Institute
ODU - Operational Dress Uniform
P-Way or Passageway - hallway
Rack - bed
Swab - USCGA freshman (4/c) cadet
TDY - Temporary Duty Assignment
UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice
Wardroom - cafeteria
XO - Executive Officer
AIM = Academy Introduction Mission (not Information Meeting)

Correction to the correction...I looked up AIM again. Per the USMA Field Force it stands for Admissions Information Meeting (I had orginally posted Academy Information Meeting).

TPG - I guess you will have to list two possible meanings for AIM.
How about PPW (plebe parent weekend?) and PPQ (potentially pilot qualified)?
Let me know when the list is ready and I can add it as a sticky or a page on the site. :thumb:
AIM - Academy Information Meeting; Academy Introduction Meeting; Admissions Information Meeting

Academy Introduction Mission not meeting.


A few more:

BCG - Birth Control Glasses
CCEB - Cadet Candidate Evaluation Board
DOD - Department of Defense
DHS - Department of Homeland Security
DOT - Department of Transportation
EA - Early Action admissions
IT - Incentive/Inspirational Training
MARAD - Martime Administration
PDA - Public Display of Affection
PEP - Performance Enhancement Program
PFE - Physical Fitness Evaluation
PT - Physical Training
SAR - Search and Rescue
Thanks for the list. One I keep hearing is UPT, which I know means pilot training, but not what the U stands for! :confused:
POV= CAR why have a acronym the same amount of letters as what it's describing???:confused::rolleyes: