1. R

    Essay Prompt Help

    What attributes, life experiences, unique perspectives, and/or special talents do you possess that would contribute to the classroom, student body, and/or Air Force Academy? (400 to 500 words, 3000 characters I'm struggling with the second essay. Not necessarily because I don't have anything...
  2. B

    The "Typical Week" Essay for the Army ROTC Scholarship

    Question 2 is this: "State below in the space provided how you spend your time in a typical week during the school year. For Example, how many extra hours do you spend: at school, doing homework, engaged in athletic activities, engaged in extracurricular activities (i.e. clubs), engaged in...
  3. F

    Should Essays Restate Activities in Resume or Show Untold side of applicant’s Life

    Hello guys, In my essays should I reinforce the activities on my resume to further explain why I chose about those activities and what I gained from them OR are the essays to reveal a new part of one’s self/life that is not known anywhere else on the application? Thank you.
  4. U

    Essay style to aim for pt. 2:

    Howdy again y’all, I finally have 2 drafts I really like! I used all advice and now deciding between 2 essay themes to wrap the 3 points (which are pretty common unfortunately). 1. One theme is heavily about my dad’s influence. (Appeals to ethos, pathos, etc. feels a bit like a pity party...
  5. U

    Essay style to aim for

    Hello again folks, I have a question about the “why you want to go” essay. I am conflicted, because I have a lot to write (several reasons) to fit in so little space. I know many others struggle with this too, but would it be better to focus on one central reason? or several reasons all...
  6. kevintanaka

    Essay Feedback

    Hey guys! I just finished my first draft of my USNA personal statement and just wanted ANY feedback: be it the content, syntax, diction, etc. Please just comment on any thoughts. Here it is: I moved from Colombia—a place where I had grown up, where I had my friends who were like brothers to...
  7. JOHNKIM1883

    ROTC Scholarship Megathread

    Hey, everyone. Since the Army ROTC scholarship is set to release results from the 2nd board around February 1st, I was thinking about doing an ROTC scholarship megathread for all branches. This way, all of the seniors applying for the ROTC scholarship can relay potentially helpful information...
  8. P

    Admissions Question

    If you are/were a successful USCGA applicant who gained admission, what do you think were some of the determining factors that helped you get in? Obviously it is different for everyone, and I understand that in no way does replicating similar factors assure admission, but I am still curious and...
  9. P

    4th Optional Essay

    Addressing the prompt, "Provide any additional information that you would like the Cadet Candidate Evaluation Board to consider and that you have not provided elsewhere in your application" what are some things you would recommend emphasizing in this essay? Is it used to address certain weak...
  10. P

    Resume Format

    In my application to the USCGA, do you guys think it is worth it to include a resume? I think a lot of it would be a rehash of what is already in the essays or extra-curricular stuff. Additionally, is there a specific format that is recommended for the resume?
  11. aw4125

    USMMA Essay

    Hello everyone! The admission essay prompt for the USMMA this year is as follows: Biographical Sketch/Essay: You must submit a Biographical Sketch/Essay of at least 500 words. Upload your essay directly to the portal in .pdf format. Be sure to include your Full Name at the top of the page. You...
  12. W

    Nomination Essay Assistance

    Salutations, I am a re-applicant to USNA and currently in the process of completing my MOC Nomination application. I have made it through the bulk of the application, but have run ashore on the essay topic. My ultimate goal with my essay is to leave a lasting impression with the MOC board...
  13. S

    Seeking revisions for nomination application essay

    Hello, all! I'm currently working on nomination application and hoped you all may have some tips for my essay. I have numerous others looking over it, but you all have a great understanding and experience. This is just the first draft, so please feel free to tear it apart. :) Essay prompt: Why...
  14. S

    Should I include my want to fly after graduation in my essay?

    Hi, this thread is being created after I made a lot of changes from my original post. I now believe that my answer to "Why do you want to attend a Service Academy?" is much stronger, thanks to the great feedback that people left me. I ultimately ended up taking out the fact that I want to fly...
  15. GA5Fighter

    Congressional Nomination Essay Help

    I am rewriting my congressional nomination short essay. It asks "why do you want to attend a service academy ." Should I make a general statement or should my response be focused on my top pick (USMA)?
  16. GA5Fighter

    Critique my nomination essay for USMA?

    If possible, can an experienced user who has been through the admission process PM me to review my Service Academy nomination Essay?
  17. 1

    SAT composite and ACT essay

    I did much better on my SAT composite than my ACT composite but struggled on the SAT essay. I was wondering if the academy would look at my SAT composite score but my ACT essay instead of the SAT essay?
  18. America Works

    Writing Sample/Essay Prompts

    I searched the web for the "USAFA Writing Sample" and found some reoccurring information that I thought was valid. I wanted to share it with the prospective class of 2022, especially those of you would like to get a head start on the essay since the application is still not open. I am not...
  19. I

    Next Step?

    Hi everyone, I'm from a very competitive district (TX-03), and I have been working very hard for the last five years to make sure my profile is competitive enough for admission (34 ACT, varsity swim team captain, NHS president, founder of a biking club, etc.). I have submitted everything on the...
  20. J

    NJROTC Essay Help

    Hi guys I'm currently in 8th grade and Im applying to Naval Junior ROTC for high school. I have a good amount of skills that I can write about. Im a Boy scout, In the order of the arrow, an alter server, captain of my travel soccer team, helped during sandy, a black belt, and I help my dad at...