army rotc scholarship

  1. P

    Apply Summer After Senior Year and Take Gap Year?

    I was very fortunate to receive a four-year ROTC scholarship this spring and I will be attending Baylor University in the Fall. I was talking with one of my buddies about the application process, and now he is interested in applying for a scholarship. He is now a senior in high school and plans...
  2. A

    HS Army ROTC Application - Question Regarding Status

    Prerequisites: ACT: Superscore - 25 GPA: 3.97 Leadership and Activities: JROTC BN CO & c/COL Raiders/Color Guard/Drill Commander PMS Interview: The colonel said he rated me the highest possible. Cadet Command: I spoke to a representative at cadet command who told me I had a very strong file...
  3. 8

    AROTC National 4YR Scholarship Questions

    I just realized that I don’t fully comprehend what my Army ROTC 4yr national scholarship entails. I'm current freshman and a contracted MS1 cadet at "x" university, but I am strongly considering transferring to "y" university for multiple reasons. 1) Am I locked into a mechanical...
  4. MohawkArmyROTC

    Army ROTC Scholarship Whole Person Score Breakdown

    I see a lot of threads of people asking how competitive they are or don't understand the National Process. You are boarded only once and receive a score out of 1400 points. After you are bordered you are placed on the Order of Merit List (OML) for consideration. After each board, students are...
  5. T

    Army ROTC Changing Listed Schools of Intent?

    I have a bit of a problem and I would greatly appreciate the help of anyone knowledgeable of the Army ROTC scholarship selection. I was recently admitted to my top college choice and plan on attending and doing Army ROTC there regardless of scholarship selection, but I would obviously prefer to...
  6. G

    Army ROTC 4-Year Scholarship Chances?

    Hello! I have been boarded for the AROTC Scholarship and I am awaiting news about my status but I have to give an update to a coach on where I stand with the AROTC scholarship in the next few days. I am a homeschooler with a 3.8 GPA unweighted which includes all honors classes and AP Chemistry...
  7. T

    Misdemeanor & Contracting help?

    Hey all, I am going into my MSII year coming up and just had a few questions about the enrollment forms my battalion is getting me to fill out before the upcoming semester. Basically I was arrested and charged with a DWI (BAC of 0.01) when I was 17 two years ago and all the charges were...
  8. B

    Chances of Army Rotc Scholarship?

    Varsity Tennis JV Football Student Government Rep. Secretary of National Science Honor Society President of Student to Student Varsity Speech and Debate team Over 300 community service hours 3 years NJROTC Battalion Admin Officer Academic Team Commander Leadership Academy graduate Boy's State...
  9. reedsmith224

    Likelihood of receiving Army ROTC 4-years.

    Hey guys, i'm going to be applying for an Army ROTC scholarship in a bit(i'm a junior), and I was wondering how my stats look. 1. 3.6 GPA 2. 23 on ACT(I'm retaking it) 3. Taken AP U.S History, AP English Language, and planning on taking AP Calculus, AP Environmental Science, AP Government, and...
  10. B

    Process to Accept Army ROTC Scholarship

    My son learned Thursday that he has been offered an Army ROTC scholarship and that it may be applied to his first choice university. The official packet will arrive within the next 10 days. He has also been accepted early decision to his first choice university. The deadline to make the...
  11. MissO

    3rd Board Chances?

    Hello everyone. I was notified by the ROO at the college I will be attending that I was not awarded a scholarship on the 2nd board. I am working on my backup option if I am not awarded a 3 year national from the 3rd board. I understand it is impossible to tell someone if they will get a...
  12. A

    3 Year AROTC National Scholarship Question

    I'm currently a freshmen at Virginia Wesleyan College with the National 3 year Army ROTC scholarship that will kick in next year. Upon being rewarded the scholarship I was informed that it will cover the entire cost of my education (Tuition, room and board) A couple buddies of mine are looking...
  13. T

    ROTC Army Application HELP!

    The deadline for this application for ROTC is January 6th. I need everything approved by then. I'm waiting on one document which is my PFT and it's been faxed and scanned weeks ago. Does anyone have a number I can call to the Army Cadet Command who can help update my application?
  14. D

    Changing Majors in AROTC

    I am currently a senior in High School and was offered a 4 yr AROTC scholarship after the first board. On my AROTC application, I listed my intended major as Biology, although I am becoming unsure that that's what I want to major in and I'm hoping to switch it to something else, probably...
  15. D

    AROTC Height/Weight vs Body Fat %

    I'm a high school senior and I was recently offered a 4-yr AROTC scholarship on this past board, and I know that soon I'll have to go get a medical exam and all that fun stuff. The problem is, I am technically overweight according to the Army HT/WT standards (5'11", 205 lbs), but I am well...
  16. R

    What is a good Army Scholarship ROTC PT test?

    Hi Guys, I am applying for a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship, and I recently took my Presidential Fitness Test. My scores were: 1 mile run: 5:10 1 min Pushups: 64 1 min sit ups: 70 Ive heard the fitness test is worth 150 points for the whole person score, is that true? If so, what are max scores?
  17. tjb1975

    What don't I know enough about to know about?

    Hello! As the mom of a newly contracted AROTC cadet, what do I need to know? I'm absolutely certain that I don't even know enough to know the best questions to ask! Fire away! Give me your best tips on how to support my cadet. How can I learn from your lessons? I can't wait to hear what comes...
  18. J

    Army ROTC PT Test Scores

    Hi, I am applying to both Army ROTC and West Point Class of 2021. I just took my ROTC fitness test. I practiced really hard to make sure that my form was perfect on the push-ups and sit-ups. I had a partner during the push-ups make sure I broke 90 every time while my teacher counted...
  19. clarksonarmy

    The 2016-2017 board dates - starting to feel like groundhog day

    So the board dates for the next Army ROTC scholarship process have been released. If you are a high school student finishing their junior year and starting senior year in fall of 2016, these dates are for you...
  20. MissO

    ROTC Scholarship - What are my chances?

    I am a 16 year old female, Junior in high school, wishing to serve my country as an Army Officer. I only found out I wanted to take this path about 6 months ago. I don't have the money to afford college on my own, and I'm super unsure about USMA. I honestly do not think they will accept me with...