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    NROTC NSI 3 weeks now?

    Hello, Does anyone know if NSI is now 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks? The NROTC Facebook page is posting updates on Cycle 1 and they wrote “NSI is a three week indoctrination program..” . Just wondering if the program shortened to 3 weeks. Has there been a change?
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    Injured before NROTC NSI

    I got injured during our spring football season and have a grade II LCL Injury to the knee. I have already been selected for the NROTC scholarship and placed at a University but I won’t be physically ready for NSI anytime soon (Till late August at earliest) Am I able to get a medical waiver...
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    Navy ROTC NSI

    I reached out to my DS's NROTC yesterday to inquire about NSI He said that class sizes are smaller this year and therefore will not be offered to mids that will be attending a SMC He will be attending VMI, so he is bummed. That does open up the door for him to take a class there this summer...