1. N

    LOE/LOI and Medical

    Hello! I got an LOE from the Air Force Academy in mid-December that said a spot in the USAFA class of 2027 would be reserved for me provided I "meet all admissions requirements to include a qualified medical status." The letter continued to ask me to "submit all [of my] remaining admissions...

    Appointment Notif?

    Hello there! Currently, I am sitting on an LOA and fully complete application (including senatorial nomination), but I am curious as to how I will be notified if I am chosen for an appointment. Is this done by mail, in my candidate portal, both (if so in which order)?!
  3. B

    Request for Information; 7th Semester Transcripts

    Questions, I checked my USMA portal this morning to find a new official correspondence from admissions which indicated and I quote "This letter is to inform you of your current file status. As of the date noted above, the following item(s) are missing": with my 7th semester transcripts...
  4. Kabobthebob

    Candidate Portal Not Working Yet

    This may be a silly question but I don't understand what this announcement is saying. This is the announcement: SYSTEM ANNOUNCEMENT: STAFF Fac Portal/ Cadet Portal/ Candidate Portal will not be available today Aug 1st,2019 from 16.30 to completion due to scheduled maintenance I am trying to...
  5. R

    Portal Not Loading

    I have been trying to check my portal, but for some reason the page won’t load. Is anyone else having this problem?
  6. N

    Portal status timeframe

    Hello all, I submitted my last piece of my application about 20 days ago and my status still remains blank. How long did it take for you all to be moved to hold? Thank you
  7. sbbm9901

    DoDMERB Portal Status Question

    My DD has applied to 4/5 academies and has been given a remedial to see a Dr. for updated x-rays. We have already had the appointment and should have materials soon. However, when she went on the DoDMERB portal it shows the remedial but only for West Point, the other 3 academies show as Under...
  8. P

    Request a Tour update on my portal?

    Hello Service Academy Forum. As we approach appointment season, everyone seems to be very anxious/stressed out (I definitely am:oops:). With that in mind thanks y'all so much with insight information to keep me sane. :angel: I can't thank this forum enough. My question: I've recently received a...
  9. T

    NROTC Application Servers Down!

    The NROTC Application Portal itself appears to be down, meaning I can't even get to the web page to log onto the application itself. Connecting to it has been difficult for a week or so but it actually went down tonight. I emailed the nrotc tech help address, filled in the "contact us" box on...
  10. C

    How will we find out if we are accepted or not?

    Everything is completed in my portal but I just wanted to figure out when we will be notified and how we will be notified. Will the portal update saying if we have been accepted or not? Will we receive a letter in the mail? Just want to make sure I am not missing anything!
  11. J

    Portal status update timeline?

    I have recently been informed that I have obtained a nomination to the Air Force Academy. I was wondering at what point will my portal reflect that change.
  12. THParent


    I just thought I would mention a few things about WAITING, based on what I have seen as a new user on the forum. This is a list of my opinions and observations, and I am trying my best to inject a little dry humor as I go. Unless you're an astronaut, you're not getting off this planet alive, so...
  13. W

    Admissible Packets

    When do additional Admissible Packets come out? I only have one available right now (out of 4, if I remember correctly), and was wondering if I'm falling behind. Is it simply as you finish each one, or is it at a certain time for everyone? Thanks.
  14. JGreenberg1191

    NROTC Navy Option Notified

    I just checked the portal this morning, and I was not awarded the scholarship. I was rather surprised considering my credentials: 700 SAT equivalents on both sections, 3.9 GPA, 3 AP classes (all other classes were honors), very impressive results on my AFA, and I was admitted into both my #1...
  15. N

    Portal Question (Appointed)

    I sent in my proof of citizenship and body tattoo form together but my portal was just updated saying the proof of citizenship was received but it says nothing about the body form. Does this mean there is a problem or is it taking more time to process or what?
  16. B

    West Point Disclosure Notice?

    I was trying to access my online USMA application portal, and received a notice (attached file). Wondering if anyone else has seen this? I even tried opening my portal in an incognito window, and nothing changed.
  17. A

    Still No DoDMERB?

    Hi everyone. So I've pretty much done my entire application for USMA. My CFA scores were sent over a week ago but haven't been checked yet in my portal (I think the administer may've submitted the scores via mail) however that was accomplished. Also, my last SOE is supposed to be submitted...
  18. L

    Where can I check Dodmerb status ?

    On my Dodmerb portal all it says is that all basic information have been received. I received my remedial request from the recruiting director of the school, but I did not see the status changed in the portal.
  19. fightingfalcon2020

    Double Nomination Showing up on Portal?

    I was looking on my portal and under "nominations" it shows two nominations. The codes for both are PA18 and the dates are exactly the same for each. I know I received only one nomination to USMA through my congressman and I was curious as to what this was about. Any information is appreciated!
  20. GA-14classof2020app

    Gauging my chances and a question I couldn't find an answer for in the search

    I'm going to start with the question I'm still unsure about. This way not everyone has to read the questions about my chances. Sorry this post is so long. I had completed everything in my file, but didn't have my last optional recommendation letter until about three weeks ago. I wanted to turn...