More than qualified, but Did Not earn scholarship?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by ethan98, Mar 31, 2017.

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    After the results of the third board, I was disappointed to see I had again not earned a scholarship for ROTC. I am also a candidate for USAFA and USMA.
    After looking around the threads, It seems I am as qualified, if not much more qualified, than those who received 4 year scholarships to their top schools.

    My stats: 3.8 unweighted GPA, AP and college classes throughout HS, 30 ACT, 6 time Varsity letter winner (4 yr Football, 2 yr Track), attend a private college prep high school, community service and mission trips, school ambassador, in various school clubs, Maxed PMS interview score, High fitness test scores

    As shown above, I felt highly competitive and am wondering possible reasons as to why I didn't receive a scholarship and what my options from here are.
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    Your academic and athletic stats look good, but I'm not seeing much in the way of leadership. Perhaps that's it. If the academies don't pan out, have you been accepted to a school with ROTC? If so, show up and max the PT test, get good grades and get involved in unit activities. Campus based scholarships are usually available. Good luck.
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    My son feels the same way other then he can add Staff for the past 2 years JROTC which is a lot of responsibility and Drill Team. Plus 3 summers of leadership camp. Plus gets A's in his leadership classes, and graduating top 5% of his class. Don't give up! Sometimes it is just not meant to be because something better is waiting. My son is disappointed as well but he has plan B and C in the works. I am sure with the amount of applications some get passed over just because....
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    It IS a competition. It's always possible someone was more qualified than you.
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    Sometimes the human factors come into play, and I don't mean that in a bad way. For instance my academic and athletic stats were fairly low, but I had a lot of life experience and my interviewer really liked me, which got me a 4 year AFROTC scholarship. I know a few others in this position.
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    My son also had great stats and not that we "expected" a scholarship but we're still surprised and disappointed that he didn't get one. Nether plan A nor plan B (so far) have worked out... but we have plan C solidly in place and it's all good. For us... plans A, B, and C are tied to how his tuition is being paid... all three included the same major at the same school... so as far as he is concerned... he's happy. He will be competing for a campus based scholarship and has changed his focus from the national boards to what he needs to do in his first semester/year of ROTC.

    Your path may change, but keep it pointed to your desired destination and you'll be good.
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