AFROTC Should I stay In?

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    I'm an AS100 about 4 weeks into the program on a 4 year type 7 scholarship. I'm studying biology as a premed student. The first two weeks I liked the program and was excited about it, although, now I've become totally burnt out and feel like I'm always dreading it. I would like to go to medical school and I'm not sure that AFROTC is the right path for that career. I'm the oldest of 3 siblings and I feel like I'm only staying in the program for the scholarship and what my family and friends will think of me if I drop about. I just feel like I'm not enjoying the program. I know that its my decision but if anyone could offer any advice that would be great.

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    How badly do you want to be a commissioned officer? What do you want more, to be an officer or a doctor? Because AFROTC is, above all, a training ground for officers, not doctors. If becoming an officer isn’t your primary reason for being in AFROTC, then get out of there.

    But if, in fact, becoming an officer is your main goal, then stick it out for at least a year. Every goal worth having comes with adversity. There are a lot of Doolies at USAFA who aren’t having fun either, but most are sticking it out because they want to become officers above all else.

    In other words, what you’re going through sounds fairly normal. If,
    at the end of the year, you’re still unhappy, you can quit knowing you gave it a fair chance.
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    Okay, this is a Mom speaking.

    The thing with being a freshmen and 4 weeks in, is many start to feel reality sink in.
    ~ All 3 of my kids could not wait to bolt from this house and go to college. All 3 felt some level of homesick within 4-6 weeks.
    ~~ Do not confuse not liking AFROTC with trying to find your footing at school. That means new friends, new life.

    Does your det., have a GMC night. Our DS's did. 1x a week freshmen and sophomores would meet up in the lounge for pizza/subs from 6-9. It is meant to bond outside of ROTC LLAB.
    Do they have Arnie Air, Silver Wings, Honor Guard or Angel Air?

    Pre-med is unique. I am not downplaying your desire. Just saying you are 18 and that path is hard.

    Again, I am a MOM. I would rather my child be happy and in debt, than owing 4 yrs in the military unhappy.
    ~ Please understand that I am a retired wife of an AF officer that came home everyday and said I can't believe they pay me to do this a very positive way.

    If you were my child I would tell you get involved with ROTC outside of LLAB and PT. Come end of spring semester if you are still miserable leave. I would just want you to say I gave 100%. If you say I gave it my all, and I don't want to be sent to Pope AFB as an XYZ officer for 4 yrs, over my chance to go to med school, than okay.
    ~~ Be realistic. Med school, be it with AF or on your own is not an easy path. Giving yourself a yr will also allow you to see if you like the curriculum required to be competitive for med school.
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    My DD wanted to quit 2 weeks I to freshman year. I told her to speak with her cadre and give it a semester. Her cadre helped her feel better about staying. She got through the first semester and was still unsure. Went another semester to get a better feel. Fast forward several years and many bumps, hurdles, challenges and many good times. She is now starting her senior year and is looking forward to commissioning and starting her Air Force career.

    Just give it some time to help make your decision. If you are unhappy after the semester or year then quit but it is really hard to judge something as big as this in just a few weeks.
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    If they have it, I would suggest Arnold Air. It is a very tight knit group of people who support each other and yes spend a lot of time together. The upside is great but like anything there is a price. It is sort of a fraternity/sorority and the first semester/year, you will spend a lot of time doing stuff to get in
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    I understand and respect your feelings and want to tell what you're going through is all normal. My DD was also uncertain many times during first semester but decided to stick out second semester for a better feel. She also went on a CULP mission summer after freshman year. She met cadets from all over the country, some of whom she felt more bonded with than some of the cadets in her fairly small ROTC program. She also discovered that not every cadet loves everything about ROTC and this was enlightening, too! You don't have to love all parts of it; you have to decide if the end goal and the benefits you receive are worth putting up with the aspects you may not be so crazy about.

    You also have to figure out if your career path will be a good match, and with med school on your wish list, that may or may not work well. However, being four weeks into your freshman year, please realize that your career goal may change many times. So, in my opinion, that would not be the reason to drop out of ROTC at this point.

    You have nothing to lose by giving it the year to fully experience the program. And, you will have had the benefit of the scholarship for freshman year, which certainly helps. Staying in ROTC beyond freshman year just for the scholarship money, however, is not a good idea. Best wishes to you!
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