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USMA 2026
Nov 1, 2018
Good Afternoon,
I was just wondering how you apply to the USAFA prep school? I was going to use this as a backup if I don't get accepted to USAFA. Is it a separate application or does everyone who applies gets considered for a prep school appointment? I plan to apply out of high school. Thanks and have a great day!
You don’t apply for an SA prep school. If your application is found academically deficient — but otherwise strong in other aspects — and the SA believes a year of post-secondary education would make you better prepared for the academic rigors, then you might be appointed to prep school.
You have probably heard this a million times but a BIG part of the application is individual research. This site is a great tool for questions but unless you do your homework (Not saying you didn't do your homework) then some people will be less likely to help you. This is the same concept that is used in the real Air Force.

I would recommend clicking on every tab, reading any official document or watching any video published by USAFA to find out the information you need.

I understand that it seems stressful at times but it is just part of the process.

Academy Admissions:

I am more than happy to answer questions and good luck on your application!!!
There is one way you can "apply" directly for recommendation to Prep: the Civil Air Patrol Scholarships include a recommendation to Prep. But of course you still have to complete an application to USAFA and be offered a Prep spot. If you are a CAP member and you qualify, you can also apply for a recommendation.
Thanks FMHS-79. You've been a great help to me. I hope I will be competitive enough by then.