We are going through this process for almost the same thing with my son who is Army ROTC. It's interesting each branch seems to request different things. His AMI included a request for all treatment records related to Asthma, even though he never was diagnosed with Asthma, just possible Reactive Airway and used an inhaler occasionally several years ago. They also requested an appointment with a Pulmonologist and the Pulmonary Function Test with pre and post bronchodilator. They did not ask for pharmacy records, although he did request them to have on hand. I would be sure you are getting the proper Pulmonary Function Test done as there are different ones to evaluated these conditions. An appointment with a Pulmonary Doctor takes some time to get. Most offices are at least a month out, and the Dodmets provided one, which we elected to go with to be sure we were getting exactly what they wanted, is over 2 months out. I'm not sure if this helps you or not, but just sharing what our experience has been. Congratulations on your appointment!