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Jun 4, 2018
Say a high school student was a cadet for their state's national guard or the AROTC and they were looking at some schools outside of their state. Would it be possible for them to start over again in the new state's ROTC program whether it be the AFROTC, AROTC, NROTC, etc for a chance at a needed scholarship? If so, what process needs to be done? Is there anything that the student should take into consideration?


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Mar 14, 2014
If you are in JROTC in High School, it has NOTHING to do with College ROTC, regardless of the branch.

For college Army ROTC, you can apply to any college for a National AROTC scholarship, so long as you list one of your preferred schools as an in-state public college.

Here are some considerations in choosing a school:
  • Choose the college that is the best fit first regardless of the ROTC program. The cadre will change periodically but the college won't.
  • Choose a safety, target and reach school. Just because you are accepted to the reach school, doesn't mean it is the best "fit."
  • Choose the school that has the ROTC program you want or has a participating program nearby. Decide on Army, Navy, Navy/MO, or AF first.
  • Be aware of the differences between the branches. ROTC first and foremost trains leaders in the military. Are you going to fit best in Army, Navy, Marines or AF?
  • Google and You tube this topic. Watch the videos. We old folks know you live on YouTube.
  • Make contact with the ROTC recruiter at the campus you wish to attend. Have a dialogue about what life is like there.
  • Tour as many of the schools you can afford to visit. Which one "feels" right?
  • Get great grades and score HIGH on the ACT/SAT.
Good luck and thanks for wishing to serve our nation.

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Jun 27, 2014
Everything AROTC-Dad said is spot on. I would add one thing- make sure you have the means to afford the school you select just in case you don't get a 4 year scholarship. Always have a Plan B (C, D, and E...)